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Donkey Milk
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and Donkey Milk

Skincare that's more than skin deep.

When you purchase our farm crafted skincare, you help us give a jar of donkey milk to a sick child that needs it.

Now that's worth Hee Hawing about.

The link to the full story above is here with KOCO 5 and a few other families that have children drinking donkey milk. 
KOCO 5 and Anchor Maggie Carlo feature our farm in the news.
 News 9 and Kristy Lewis came to our farm to learn more about donkey milk, our story, and our products. 
 (Above) Channel 2 Tulsa came to our farm for the first local TV News story on our farm, they even tried donkey milk while they were here! 
*Fox News 25 and Anchor Wendy Suares shared our story and interviewed Dr. Shimasaki , CEO of Moleculera Labs, one of the top research facilities in the world for PANDAS disease.
*Albuquerque Channel 4's Casey Messer features our Skincare in Good Morning New Mexico, her top post baby beauty picks (and the only skincare that made the cut!)
Rhett & Link (The Good Mythical Morning show) asked us for Donkey Milk... If you were wondering how donkey milk tastes...this is for you.
Our story about the baby donkey twins and Tinkerbell and her rare surgery are below.
Below is the publicity on our work to save Oklahoma’s Farms and Ranches from the tragic contamination happening across the USA from contaminated biosolids (also known as Humanure or sewage sludge) being sold to farmers for years as “safe” fertilizer. Those farmers are now being told their beef, produce, hay, land, and water are contaminated with “forever chemicals” (PFAS and PFOAS) and their farms are no longer useable for farming or ranching.
We have successfully banned this practice in our small community, and have worked with our Senator Shane Jett on legislation to protect our farmers and ranchers and food supply in Oklahoma…unfortunately, we have not had the public outcry needed to force our legislators to act.