Pre-order: Dulce de Déodorant: Orange and Clove 2 oz

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***If you are also purchasing Better than Botox moisturizer or another pre-order item, and would like your deodorant shipped asap, please order separately, otherwise, it will ship when the rest of your order is ready. 

(Don't worry! It's the same great deodorant, we just updated our jar to next level Donk-a-dorable!) Our natural Deodorant is weird stuff. Weird, because it's natural, and aluminum free, actually works. You will still sweat (fun fact, sweating is actually good, it's your body detoxing the nasties) but you don't need to stink while doing the detox thing. Just clean your pits well (insert plug for your favorite donkey milk soap here) then use your fingers to apply a pea sized amount, rub it in well, and then rub any extra into your cuticles, heels, problem spots...and enjoy smelling amazing while getting a daily dose of magnesium and super green neem. Our all natural cream based deodorant utilizes probiotics, activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, arrowroot powder, organic beeswax, organic neem oil, vitamin E oil, Magnesium Hydroxide, and organic lavandin (Lavender) essential oil. Magnesium is an essential mineral that many of us are deficient in. If you experience a slight tingling feeling, it may be an indication that your body needs more magnesium. Luckily, you can absorb it through your pits! (And you may want to look into more minerals. Just saying.)

Available in either Orange and Clove or Lavender. Both are baking soda free for sensitive skin. **Our deodorant does not contain donkey milk, but it does help pay the mammoth feed bill. And help you not smell like a donkey. Win-win.

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Pre-order: Dulce de Déodorant: Orange and Clove 2 oz
Pre-order: Dulce de Déodorant: Orange and Clove 2 oz

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