Dulce Donkey Milk

After months of deliberating and discussions and prayers, we have partnered with the best in Europe to bring their organic, freeze dried donkey milk to the United States. Since the milk is freeze dried and pasteurized, we are able to ship it anywhere in the USA. Organic, freeze dried donkey milk is available to order here.

Children that have sensory issues can add the freeze dried donkey milk to smoothies, or pudding, or put it into gel capsules and taken in small doses. (Please read  about starting with very small amounts to avoid herxheimer reactions / die off.) Please track your dosages and results and email us for future research studies and potential grants for more milk for more kids.

Since the recent News coverage on our story, we have been inundated with requests for our donkey milk. We ready every heart wrenching email from every parent desperate to help their child, and every story breaks our hearts. Donkeys only give a few ounces of milk each day, and we had to make sure we have enough to provide milk for the children already depending on our milk. Our little herd of American Mammoth Donkeys just couldn't keep up. We are working to increase our herd and provide more raw donkey milk from our Oklahoma Donkey Dairy, but this isn't an easy endeavor, and takes time, more donkeys, more land, infrastructure, labor, volunteers...etc. If you would like to be added to the wait list for our raw milk, please fill out the pop up box on  this page for raw milk. But, we strongly recommend starting with the freeze dried donkey milk, and we are hearing excellent results.

When we have openings for raw milk, priority will be given to families who started with the freeze dried milk, if they decide they would still like to try the raw milk as well. 

Since most families that are on our raw milk don't want to stop giving it to their children, we don't often have openings for raw milk and our wait list is quite long. Children are the priority, depending on severity of illness. (PANDAS, PANS, ASD, Crohn's kids, and seriously ill children get bumped up before allergies or ADHD.) So we strongly encourage parents to start with the freeze dried donkey milk, which is available on our sister site at Donkey Milk for Health.

We do have milk money donations (from generous donors who give milk money for sick kids) that are available for families with financial need. This option is available for the powdered milk as well as the raw milk. 

****If your family is under financial hardship and you have a sick child in need of donkey milk but cannot afford it, please send us an email at dulcededonke@gmail.com with "Powdered Donkey Milk Donation Request" in the subject. Please tell us your story and your financial need for requesting milk money donations. We do our best to be good stewards of the milk money donations that individuals give on behalf of sick children, and we do our best to make sure they go to the families that truly need them most. We don't have a staff or an agency to handle this, so we depend on the honesty and integrity of those requesting donations. Please understand that if you take advantage of this option and don't truly need it, you are taking milk away from families that truly need it and can't afford it....single moms, parents who lost jobs, etc. (Translation: If you still pay for cable, drive a new car, and buy Starbucks every day, but "can't afford" milk for your baby...this might apply to you. Just saying.)

You can also join the Facebook Group "Donkey Milk for Health" where we have compiled a list of donkey dairies around the world. It is illegal to ship raw milk in the USA, but some farmers do...you can call them and find out if that is their policy. (We cannot recommend raw milk from another donkey dairy for liability reasons.)



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