Donkey Milk

Our raw donkey milk from our Oklahoma Donkey Dairy is only available for purchase on our farm (FDA regulations prohibit raw milk from being shipped across state lines). For raw donkey milk, please email

For those who cannot make the trip to our farm, we have partnered with best in Europe to bring USDA ORGANIC DONKEY MILK that we can ship anywhere in the USA.

It is freeze dried and pasteurized with a proprietary process to preserve the unique benefits of donkey milk. It comes in a vacuum sealed package to retain the benefits of the milk, and we can ship it anywhere in the USA.

To purchase go to


We are incredibly blessed to be the exclusive source for this incredible donkey milk, it comes to us all the way from the Azores Islands in the middle of the Atlantic to our farm in Oklahoma, so we can ship it directly to you, anywhere in the USA, only available through our website at

Children that have sensory issues can add the freeze dried donkey milk to smoothies, or pudding, or put it into gel capsules and taken in small doses. (Please read  about starting with very small amounts to avoid herxheimer reactions / die off.) Please track your dosages and results and email us for future research studies and potential grants for more milk for more kids.


We do have milk money donations (from generous donors who give milk money for sick kids) that are available for families with financial need. This option is available for the powdered milk as well as the raw milk. 

****If your family is under financial hardship and you have a sick child in need of donkey milk but cannot afford it, please apply for milk money donations here



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