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To purchase Donkey Milk, please go to the website Donkey Milk for Health.

ORDER FREEZE DRIED DONKEY MILK: Picky? Some add the milk to organic applesauce, or a smoothie, or organic coconut water, etc. If reconstituting in water, we prefer FIJI brand bottled water, or use a Berkey water filter to filter your water prior to mixing with donkey milk. Bonus: Fiji water also contains Silica, which is said to be helpful in removing toxic aluminum from the body. 

How much milk? We aren't doctors, and everyone is different, so these are recommendations based on our experience and the information gathered from Naturopathic practitioners, this is not medical advice.

Donkey milk is different in composition than other milks. Naturopaths suggest starting with a VERY small amount to test for allergic reactions to the immunoglobulins, lysosomes, lactoferrin, etc. or potential herxheimer (die off) reactions and increase dosage as needed and tolerated. Read research articles here  We can not give recommendations on dosages. 

Freeze Dried Powdered Milk Dosages:  We suggest measuring the milk in grams, with a scale like this one. Measuring the powder by weight is much more accurate than by teaspoons / Tablespoons! 

To reconstitute powdered Donkey Milk from the Azores into liquid donkey milk. Measure by weight in Grams (more accurate than Tablespoons.)
To Make Water Powder
1/2 oz 1 Tbsp 1.5 g
1 oz 1/8 cup 3 g
2 oz 1/4 cup 6-7 g
4 oz 1/2 cup 12-13 g
8 oz 1 cup 24-25 g


    Milk Refund Policy We cannot accept milk returns or give refunds on the freeze dried milk from Please only purchase what you will use. (Once the milk leaves our hands we have no way of knowing what happens to it.) If you decide not to drink all of your milk for any reason, let us know and we will put you in touch with a family that needs it for you to donate the milk to. We don’t want a drop to go to waste that could be helping a child.)️


    Please read our disclaimer. Still not a doctor. Obviously.


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