Organic Donkey Milk: freeze dried, pasteurized, and shipped to your door

To purchase Donkey Milk, please go to our sister website Donkey Milk for Health.

Because raw donkey milk from our Oklahoma Donkey Dairy is only available for purchase on our farm (FDA regulations prohibit raw milk from being shipped across state lines), we have partnered with the best in Europe to bring USDA ORGANIC DONKEY MILK to the USA. It is freeze dried and pasteurized and comes in a vacuum sealed package, so we can ship it anywhere in the USA.

Asinus Atlanticus Donkey Milk

You can reconstitute with water, or use in smoothies or put in gel capsules and take in small amounts. Please read the information on herxheimer reactions and dosages and why it's extremely important to start with a very small amount of milk and increase slowly. Our daughter drinks 1/2 cup, 2x a day. Some children only need a few tablespoons a day. Some only need a few teaspoons. This isn't like cow milk or goat milk, but it is the closest in composition to human breast milk.

Azores Donkey Milk

****If your family is under financial hardship and you have a sick child in need of donkey milk but cannot afford it, please send us an email at with "Powdered Donkey Milk Donation Request" in the subject. Please tell us your story and your financial need for requesting milk money donations. We do our best to be good stewards of the milk money donations that individuals give on behalf of sick children, and try to make sure they go to the families that truly need them most. We don't have a staff or an agency to handle this, and this is not a government funded program, so we depend on the honesty and integrity of those requesting donations. Please understand that if you take advantage of this option and don't truly need it, you are taking milk away from families that truly need it and can't afford it....single moms, parents who lost jobs, etc. (Translation: If you still pay for cable, drive a new car, and buy Starbucks every day, but "can't afford" donkey milk for your baby...this might apply to you. Dave Ramsey can help. Just saying.)

Donkeys in Azores