Donkey Milk Dosage & Info

FREEZE DRIED DONKEY MILK: If your child is picky, you can add the milk to organic applesauce, or a smoothie. If reconstituting in water, we prefer FIJI brand bottled water, or use a Berkey water filter to filter your water prior to mixing with donkey milk. The instructions on the package say to heat the milk and water, this is because of possible contamination in the water source. If you use pure bottled water or Berkey filtered water, this is a non-issue. Bonus: Fiji water also contains Silica, which is said to be helpful in removing toxic aluminum from the body. This has more information on aluminum toxicity, and why it is an issue for many of our children.

RAW DONKEY MILK INFO: The date on the lid is the date it was milked and frozen. Defrost one jar at a time in the refrigerator then stir. DO NOT MICROWAVE, NEVER EVER. Read more on microwaves and why we don't have one in our house here. When milk freezes, it naturally separates into whey on top and fats on the bottom. Donkey milk is very low fat, so it will seem watery and there won’t be much fat (cream). It’s best to drink within 3-5 days of thawing (we have drank it past’ll know if it goes sour!) Try to drink it on an empty stomach and 30 minutes apart from food if possible. The flavor changes depending on which herbs we are feeding them. (If it tastes like Italian food or garlic, this is the reason!) If taste or texture is an issue, you can add Pure (real) maple syrup to it, it may even make it more effective. See research here on maple syrup and antibiotic resistant bacteria: Do NOT add chocolate syrup / corn syrup, artificial flavorings etc.! Read more on that here.

DOSAGE / AMOUNT: We aren't doctors, and every child is different, so these are our recommendations based on experience, not medical advice.

Donkey milk is different in composition than other milks. Please start with a VERY small amount to test for allergic reactions to the immunoglobulins, lysosomes, lactoferrin, etc. or potential herxheimer (die off) reactions and increase dosage as needed and tolerated. Read research articles here  We can’t give exact recommendations on dosage. 

One interesting thing...when I've asked donkey milk experts in other countries about their experiences with the milk, they have never heard of herxheimer reactions on it. But, they are using the milk for the elderly and infants...and not autoimmune disease and those with guts overridden with bad bacteria. Perhaps there are other factors influencing the health of our children in America...(insert conspiracy theory here. ;))

Freeze Dried Dosages: One mother of an ASD / PANDAS child saw herxing with 1/8 tsp of powdered milk, so decreased it to 1/16 teaspoon to start with. You may not see results as quickly when you start so low, but it's MUCH better than a herxheimer reaction!

Raw Milk Dosages: Most children start with tablespoon of raw milk, 2 or 3x a day and increase slowly until they reach the amount their body needs and tolerates (typically about 1/4-1/2 cup, 2x a day). There was a 3 year old PANDAS child seeing good results on just 2 teaspoons of raw milk, 2x a day. You may not see results as quickly on smaller amounts, but it’s better than dealing with die off / herxheimer reactions! Our ten year old daughter typically drinks 1/2 cup am and 1/2 cup pm.

You can join the Facebook Group "Donkey Milk for Health" and ask other parents for advice. We cannot give you exact dosages for your child (legally), because we aren't doctors. (Disclaimer.)

Healthy Diet: Diet plays an important role in healing from the inside. We eat as organic as possible, strict paleo, no gluten, grain, soy, cow milk, cow casein, no artificial colors, etc. and we don’t do antibiotics unless there’s an infection... (research the gut / brain / health connection and read more on diet here.) Our daughter doesn’t do as well when she has to be on antibiotics along with the milk. However, some children are seeing benefits with the milk in conjunction with antibiotics and a typical diet. If this is your situation, try to give the milk at least 4 hours apart from antibiotics so they don’t interfere with the benefits as much. If you have an autoimmune disease or health issue, please read our blog on this website, we will share more information there as well.

To Purchase and Pick Up RAW Donkey Milk: It is illegal to ship raw milk across state lines, and according to Oklahoma law, all raw milk must be picked up on the farm. We have a wait list for our raw milk, and we do not have an open farm store, so if you drive out to the farm thinking you'll just pick up a jar of donkey milk or two, you'll be super sad when you get here. If you would like to try freeze dried / pasteurized donkey milk, it is available online here and we can ship it anywhere in the USA.

    Milk Refund Policy We cannot accept milk returns or give refunds. Please only get what you will use. (Once the milk leaves our hands we have no way of knowing what happens to it.) If you decide not to drink all of your milk for any reason, let us know and we will put you in touch with a family that needs it for you to donate the milk to. We don’t want a drop to go to waste that could be helping a child.)️


    Please read our disclaimer. Still not a doctor. Obviously.