Raw Oklahoma Donkey Milk

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There is currently a wait list for raw donkey milk from the Oklahoma Donkey Dairy. Please send an email to milk@oklahomadonkeydairy.com to be added to the wait list, and we will contact you when we have milk available. Our raw donkey milk is only available for pick up on the Oklahoma Donkey Dairy in Luther, Oklahoma (by law, any raw milk must be picked up on the farm, including raw donkey milk.)

If you are currently on our list of families that we are providing milk for, please send an email to milk@oklahomadonkeydairy.com to schedule your next milk pick up with the date, time, and number of jars requested. Please give us a 5 day notice when possible so we can have enough milk for you. Milk pickups are by appointment only.

We have partnered with Eurolactis in Europe to bring pasteurized, freeze dried donkey milk to the USA, which is available here and can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Raw donkey milk can not legally be sold through any of the stockists that sell our skincare or shipped across state lines. We have a limited supply, and we give priority to sick children who depend on our milk. The first jar is a gift from our family for children with PANDAS / PANS made possible by soap and skincare sales. If families are struggling financially, the generous donations others have given on their behalf help cover the cost of additional milk for sick children who otherwise may not be able to afford the milk (when available.) If driving to our farm isn't an option, please join the facebook group "Donkey Milk for Health" for farms around the world, or you can start with powdered donkey milk. If you would like to donate milk money to the general milk money fund for sick children, it would be a huge blessing, and you can do so here. If you would like to donate milk money for a specific family in need, just add a note with the name of the family and their phone number so we can contact them to let them know when to pick it up.

Due to the recent flood of News coverage, we have been inundated with emails and phone calls. As much as I would love to be able to share our story and answer your questions personally, it isn't humanly possible, and our family was suffering for it. Please start by reading the research articles listed on the Donkey Milk Research page and watching the news stories on our publicity page. If you have additional questions or would like to read more about our journey, you can email me for access to our private blog where I share more about our battle with autoimmune disease (for those with autoimmune disease only, not curious cats or bitter basement trolls.) If  you would prefer a phone consultation, please purchase the time slot on the products page and we will contact you to set up a time to chat. I am not a doctor, and cannot give medical advice, we can only share our story and lend a listening ear. Thank you and God bless!