Donkey Milk Podcast on Fit Rx with Dr. Greg Dennis

Wanna know a dirty little secret?

In virtually every TV News Interview I've done, they told me to "Speak at a 6th grade level because that's what our audience understands."

Let that sink in.

After you toss your T.V. in the dumpster, come back and finish reading this blog.

Recently, I was interviewed by Dr. Greg Dennis for his Fit Rx Podcast.

The majority of his interviewees have half the alphabet after their name. Best selling books. And travel the country giving presentations on their topic of expertise.

Then there's me.

But, the great thing about this interview?

Dr. Dennis didn't ask me to try to speak at a 6th grade level for his dumbed down audience to comprehend.

And I got share about all of my favorite topics, and use as many big words as I wanted.

Donkey Milk. Autoimmune Disease. Humanure. 5G. V@x damage. Our Hee Haw for Health event. And God's faithfulness.

And Dr. Dennis didn't even cut out the bit at the end where I bashed the majority of the medical profession.

On a Doctor's podcast.

Because, I have no filter.

Listen to it on the link below. And follow Dr. Greg's podcast Fit Rx. He's one of the few doing it right. (See my previous post HERE to make your appointment, after you listen to the podcast.)

dr dennis

And, I'm still not a doctor. 

And this isn't medical advice...and blah blah blah.

Oh, and if you are planning to come to our Hee Haw for Health Event on October 23rd, get your tickets here ASAP (they're a dollar ya'all.)

Or bring a picnic blanket. Because you'll be sitting on your derriere. Beware the steaming donkey doo.

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