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I've been meaning to share a few of my favorite things with you all for a while now. These are some resources I've selfishly kept to myself...because, every time I share my favorite doctors, dentists, etc., they get so popular that I can't get in to see them for months. But, I guess it's time to share.


1. Our pediatrician.... Dr. Audra Fox at Fusion MD.  You CAN get in to see her ASAP if you are in crisis!!! Just go to the link HERE for their new program FUSION ACCESS. Click the button to Request Info and they will get back with you on how to join the program. It's worth it. Dr. Fox is arguably one of the best PANDAS docs in Oklahoma...and probably anywhere. She also has an amazing, giving heart, and is on the board for our non-profit Hee Haw for Health. Oh, and she was a naturopath first, then became an MD. She actually values patients and parents that do their own research before they come to the office.... rather than demeaning them for "googling." Tell them you found out about Fusion Access through the Donkey Milk Lady's blog.

2. Our biological Dentist, and friend....Dr. Karen Cox-Haymaker at Hennesey Dental Wellness. Yes, it's worth it for us to hour drive to Hennesey just to see a natural, biological dentist, who actually takes dental insurance, understands how to safely remove mercury and why, and gets that homeopathy isn't the same thing as essential oils and knows how to use it. And stops mid-exam just to pray for you. And, tell them the Donkey Milk lady sent you. We also love Dr. Debbie Ozment.

3. Brave, Amazing Doctors & Health Practitioners. These are a few of our favorites, featured at Hee Haw for Health Events (go to the "education" tab on the menu to see their presentations at past health events Link Here

4. Oklahoma ER and Hos-pital. If you need one. This is it. It's our go-to, in case of emergency. ***Update: if your child is in Diabetic Ketoacidosis, they are not equipped to handle you here. Take them straight to OU Children's Hospital. 

5. Surgery Center of Oklahoma. You all. If you need surgery, this is the place to have it done. Literally will cost you less than using your "scam-surance" and having it done at one of the "ho-spit-als". Also, they won't make you shove a q-tip up your brain just to have knee surgery. 

6. IV Ozone. I'm sending my friends to Dr. Munneke's clinic for IV ozone now...but, here is a list of ozone providers around the world. Search by your state / country.

7. Food. I believe this may be one of the most overlooked resources for our health. It's more and more critical that we source and buy local, direct from the farmers as much as possible. Support them now, so they'll be around when you need them (ahem). You can also get the shopping guide and real food app from Weston A Price here.

8. How to not ruin your food and tank your blood sugar and health. Seriously ya'all. Throw the microwave away. You're killing everything good in that organic tomato. And stop cooking stuff, boiling stuff, and storing stuff in PLASTIC of any kind!!! Just stop. Here are a few of my favorite resources for eating well.

  • God's Good Table "Sharing the encouraging message of health, healing & hope through timeless principles rooted in God's word."
  • Danielle Walker (Paleo recipes for my autoimmune, inflamed friends)
  • Wholesome Yum (Keto recipes for my type 1 diabetes friends)
  • Glucose Revolution (this is for everyone, not just diabetics)

9. Coffee. This one deserves its own category. In case you haven't heard, a LOT of the world supply of coffee was wiped out in the recent crazy freeze in Brazil (who supplies 40% of the world's coffee.) So, I'm seriously tempted to keep my local source (who also, surprise, happens to be a childhood friend of mine) to myself. But, I won't. Start buying your coffee from Legacy Farms Coffee (you're also supporting their incredible mission and heart for the people of Honduras.) You can pick it up in my home town of Moundridge, Kansas, or have it shipped to your door. Or, support another local family at Grounds for Compassion. 

10. Truth. Find a church that's telling it. Read some actual books that speak to it.  And read this book, Live Not By Lies: A manual for Christian Dissidents. It's full of hard, painful stuff, based on actual history and those that stood up against tyranny and for the truth. And get yourself a real old school Bible. The paper kind. You know, the one like Grandma had...that actually has to be burned, rather than just "edited" or "deleted" by the powers that be...

11. Friends. If you don't have some, get some. The real kind that won't cancel you or unfriend you if you share some uncomfortable truths. The real hugging kind that isn't just a number of "friends" and "followers" in a fake world of "social media." The kind that will be there for you, for real, when you're sick, down, or unpopular.

Please share this with your friends. My current trend is 13 "unsubscribers" per email. Apparently the old saying "truth hurts" is still true. And the new version of "shoot the messenger" is to "unsubscribe" "unfollow" and "unfriend."

I'll probably add to this list as time goes on, I'm sure I've forgotten a lot! Please comment with your favorite local growers, doctors, resources. And by local, I mean, local to where ever you are. I know we have a lot of readers across the United States and beyond. Share your fav's in the comments and how to reach them. (No big box stores allowed.)

 If you actually read to the bottom of this post, you get the prize!!! Use coupon code READERSWIN for 15% off your next order at

Because it pays to read, ya'all.



  • Shannon LaMonica

    Love how you guys keep fighting the good fight! God bless and keep you! Love from Washington state and the donkeys at Ruger Rose Ranch! Be strong and very courageous- has He not commanded us?

  • Dirtpatcheaven

    I so appreciate your grit right now. Just makes my day to get one of your emails and know we are not alone even if we are on the other side of the country.

  • Lynda

    Thank you for all the sources!
    I love reading your blog; my family appreciates all you do.
    Stand strong Soldier, God’s got you!

  • Liz Boudreaux

    Thank you so much for the powerful information!! I appreciate you so much!!

  • Susie

    I LOVE you! LOL
    Seriously, you speak straight out of my brain! I want to meet you in person! Last time we came out I just got the donkey milk “botox” from the chest. Keep blogging!!!
    Blessings & Shalom

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