His ways are Better

Yesterday morning we learned that we hadn't won the Fed Ex Grant contest. In fact, we hadn't even made it to the final round. And I pitched a mini-fit. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right. They don't deserve it. They cheated. I took sore loser and wore it like an ill fitting bikini.

My girls were listening to a kids podcast about how we can't "be the captain of our own destiny." For, like, the millionth time, about some little bears who try to make themselves happy, going after treasure, when they don't know what the treasure is. How God holds the map AND the treasure, and He is the Captain. Such a sweet little story for kids. But I was too busy to listen. I was pouting about my lost treasure.

We were doing this for the kids. How could we have lost to doggie treats and hard liquor? I didn't see how God had a hand in that.

Yesterday evening, God showed me I was wrong. Because He doesn't lose time. And He isn't slow in fulfilling His promises. 

Ya'all. Yesterday we got an email, from a Professor across an ocean, about being a part of a RESEARCH GRANT on Donkey Milk and PANDAS. A grant that has the potential, in so many incredible ways, to help so many more kids with this horrible disease. This is more than just Donkey Milk.

Some day I'll tell you how God wove these pieces together to make this happen. But I can't right now....because it's confidential, and it's still tentative. And I can't quite grasp it. And I haven't even responded to the email yet. Because I'm blown away. And I need to put on my "smart" hat, and try to write in semi-coherent sentences. 

I read the bio's of the other Scientists copied on the email. Their names have so many initials after them, I don't even know what they all stand for. I'll just call them all "Doctor" and hope it covers it.

And then there's us. The x-interior designer and x-builder, milking donkeys and making soap. And whining about not winning a Fed Ex Grant, while God was holding the trump card Grant. I just couldn't see it.

This grant, it won't make the Hee Haw for Health event happen. It won't fund anything we're doing on the farm. Obviously, they don't need my scientific knowledge or big smart brain to help them with this. But we'll help however we can. Because this has the potential to help SO many more kids, in SO many more ways, than our Hee Haw event on the farm ever could. 

Some day I'll tell you all the details, and how absolutely mind blowing this is, and how God worked it all out and His perfect timing.

Oh, and we're still having the Hee Haw for Health event. Today my x-builder hubby and a couple of our amazing friends are going to tear down a couple of old rusty grain bins and bring them back to the farm and craft something amazing out of them. So say prayers for no tetanus shot inducing injuries please.

And who's paying for those grain bins? Well, I'll tell you that story another day.

But let's just say, God has deep pockets, and He doesn't need millionaires to foot the bill, when He has friends with great love.

If you're on of those friends, you can join us here. No guilt gifts please. Love goes a lot farther than guilt. And it never gives you tetanus.

PS. Can ya'all stop calling all the farmers offering to buy their grain bins? Or, if you do call, tell them it's for the Hee Haw for Health event. This guy wanted top dollar, because "after you called I've had all kinds of people calling me for these grain bins. They're worth a lot." ;) 

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