Hee Haw for Health

I started writing this post last week. Before our donkey Ginger died and that 24 hours of donkey plague terror. So this got shelved. But I’m sharing it now. Because God provides, sometimes He it’s a vet, and sometimes it’s a doctor.

I was panicking. Because putting on this #HeeHawForHealth event isn't exactly free. We don't have 10 fancy practitioner tents lying around. Or a fancy public bathroom. Or a pavillion. Or 50 folding chairs. Or a sound system. And so far the people doing the donating are the parents and friends of kids with Autism, and PANDAS. The very ones that we're doing this free day for in the first place. But when I added it all up with my non-mathematical brain, the costs of materials and rentals was upwards of $10,000. Enough to make this momma hyperventilate. But I didn't post about it, because...well, pride. And I just figured we'd front the bill as far as we could (#buymoresoap) and hope that God came through in the end. (I still have spiritual amnesia...hope? Sheesh.)

But, I should know that He doesn't work like that. He's not the God of leftovers and crumbs. He's the God of feasts and cake. (All organic of course, because there are no weeds or pests in His garden.) 

I shouldn't have been surprised when I got a text out of the blue from someone I hadn't seen in a year.

I shouldn't have been surprised when she asked me how things were going, and kept prying past my standard "fine" answer.

I shouldn't have been shocked when she offered to anonymously donate up to $5,000 if we could raise the funds to match her (and her colleagues) donation by the end of June.

And when I told her "But, you know we aren't a non-profit, right?" and she said, "Sometimes you just do things because it's the right thing to do. Not to get something out of it."

And when I asked her if someone had told her that I was seriously stressing out about the financial part of this, and she responded, "No, it must have been a God thing." I shouldn't have been surprised.

I haven't posted about it yet, because I didn't have the words. I still don't. But I'm sharing anyway. Because He is faithful. And he provides the best. And it's no Walmart cake.

When I wrote this, God already knew we were about to lose a $1200 momma donkey within a few days. He knew that I would have probably shuttered the whole Hee Haw for Health event, in my panic and stress. But instead He sent us this encouragement  ahead of time, so we wouldn’t get discouraged and quit. Because He is in this too. And He knows what we need ahead of time.

We still need the rest of the matching funds. But somehow, I know it’s going to be there. And then some.

If you’ve already given, thank you. If you’ve bought a mug, thank you. If you’ve prayed for us, thank you. 

And if you’d like to give, you won’t get a tax write off, but you will get a big thank you. 


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