Take the Pledge to Not Eat Human Crap! (Food grown with Humanure. For real. It's a thing. And you're eating it.)

Thank you to everyone who signed and shared our petition to stop Humanure on Oklahoma Farm and Ranch land! 

The Oklahoma Farm Bureau has passed a resolution requesting a moratorium on Humanure  (aka Biosolids aka Sewage Sludge) until proven safe. This means that we just need a representative in the house and one in the senate to put it in a bill! Not to much to ask, right? Right? 

Our friends at the Farm Bureau added our petition to their resolution and sent it to the US, State, and City representatives listed at the end of this post. Please, we need you to send them an email asking them to act to help STOP Toxic Humanure in Oklahoma! 

But the bummer of the thing is, we cannot wait for our legislators to act. This has gone on far too long. Despite the well known fact that covid is found in human sewage FIRST, before it's even detected in the people, that fact (along with all the the staph, strep, E. Coli, arsenic, aluminum, mercury, chromium hex, parasites, prions, PFAS forever chemicals...and babies flushed by abortion clinics) is ignored when it comes to sewage sludge.


Because the city of Oklahoma City and the City of Edmond and the City of Tulsa (and every big city in America) are saving MILLIONS (billions?) of dollars every year by not properly composting and disposing of their waste (in lined toxic waste dumps, or incinerating it and capturing the energy), instead, they dump it on farms and ranches who don't know what a load of crap they're taking on.

FYI: Those farmers are protected from lawsuits by their neighbors or harmed individuals by...the SUPERFUND ACT. No joke. That's how bad this is. The. Super. Fund. Act. Look it up.

We, the people, must vote with our dollars to end the use of Toxic Humanure.


If you are a person who likes to eat, breath, or drink water...sign the pledge not to purchase food or products from farmers, ranchers, or landowners that use Humanure (aka Biosolids.)

If you are a farmer, rancher, or grower of food....sign the pledge to never use Humanure or buy hay or feed from a farmer that does. When you have signed the pledge, we will add your contact information to the bottom of this page. This will connect the people who don't want to eat toxic sludge with the farmers across America who aren't using it!

Winner, winner, no humanure for dinner.

Sign the pledge in the pop up box on this page or in the link below. 


Then, take a minute to email these folks and let them know how you feel about Humanure. And make sure your reference your support for the resolution by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau regarding a moratorium on Biosolids.

Here are their emails, so you can easily copy and paste them into your email.

aspen.weber@mail.house.gov, kevin.calvey@oklahomacounty.org, carrie.blumert@oklahomacounty.org, brian@oklahomacounty.org, mayor@okc.gov, shane.jett@oksenate.gov, mike.osburn@okhouse.gov, preston.stinson@okhouse.gov, larry.stevens@Edmondok.com, 

Contact Governor Stitt through the online form HERE.

Contact U.S. Senator James Inhofe HERE

Contact U.S. Senator James Lankford HERE

P.S. You can add your name to the petition here. If they ignore us, we will get more signatures and be the proverbial thorn in their side.

Please share with your butcher, your baker, your candlestick maker. 

We need your voice to stop this madness.



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  • Dennis Cimino

    I just moved to this community one year ago and have found that a biosludge storage facility is being created 500 feet from my property. I’ve reported this to the EPA in D.C. (who will do NOTHING) and to the State of WA. A.G.‘s office (who will likely retaliate against me for reporting it) I am just now embarking on a journey to get this OUT OF MY COMMUNITY here in Pomeroy, WA. I have no doubt I will truly be harassed and ostracized for fighting against it because the community is ostensibly hillbillies and morons who have no clue what’s in that waste they are putting here.

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