Take the pledge to say NO TO HUMANURE!

We have asked our Governor and our legislators to put a moratorium on Humanure use on farm and ranch land, but, we cannot wait for them to act.

We, the people, must change this practice with our dollars.

If you are a farmer, rancher, land owner, or food producer in the USA, take the pledge to be listed as a safe source to purchase Humanure Free food, Humanure Free Grain, Hay, etc. (inclurde your farm website or contact information with your pledge submission.)

If you are a concerned citizen, take the pledge to only buy from Humanure Free Farms.

When we refuse to buy food raised with toxic chemicals, the farmers will stop using it. Vote with your dollars to STOP POISONING OUR LAND, OUR AIR, OUR WATER and OUR FOOD with toxic humanure!

Please, take the pledge and share with your community! 

Together, we can stop the Toxic Sludging of American farm and ranch land.

Farmers and Ranchers who take the pledge will be listed below.


  • Deep Fork Peppers -- PO Box 384 Luther OK 73054 -- Growing clean, spicy peppers using Comet Goldfish and Red Wrigglers since 2018. We don't even use rabbit or chicken waste, all of our vermi-compost is vegetable or non-citrus fruit waste, egg shells from my parent's chickens, coffee grounds and sometimes un-inked cardboard because the worms like it. We use filtered tap water combined with wastewater from our 55 gallon fish tank, populated with 7 Comet Goldfish. That water == yellow gold when it comes to tomatoes and peppers.
  • The Oklahoma Donkey Dairy / Dulce de Donke www.DulcedeDonke.com , 13150 N Peebly Road, Luther, OK 73054. We provide raw Oklahoma Donkey Milk, Skincare products, and fight for the health of our children and our land.