Saint Nic and his Donkey Pics

Guess who is coming to the Hee Haw for Health event? Saint Nic, and he's bringing his trusty donkey. (It turns out, Rudolph is an imposter and Disney got it wrong.) 

Pictures with Santa and his Donkey will be FREE for kiddos with health challenges and their siblings from 11:30-1:00 at the Kids Korral (see event map). Thank you to this amazing Santa for volunteering your time for our children! 

Photography will be by Chris Baker, who has generously volunteered to take the pictures of the jolly old elf and his donkey for the event. The free images will be available for parents after the event via Pixieset from Chris. Go follow her Facebook page at and tell her thanks for giving back to our kiddos!

PS. You can dress your kids cute for pictures with Saint Nic, but be prepared for them to be covered in dirt and who knows what by the end of the day. It's a farm, ya'all.

The Legend of Saint Nicholas and his Donkey

...”Once upon a time, St. Nicholas was traveling through the provinces of the lower Rhine. When he arrived at the outskirts of the city of Doren, he saw a small chapel and suddenly felt a call to worship there.

"Stay here, my friend," he said to his donkey as he dismounted. Then he left it to graze freely on the rich green grass surrounding the chapel while he went inside. It wasn't long before he was deeply immersed in his devotions . . . .

Refreshed after praying so intently, St. Nicholas left the chapel to continue his journey. But now he could not find his donkey! He looked everywhere around the chapel, but the donkey wasn't there.

Not far away, some local fishermen were busy at work with their latest catch. Nicholas walked over and begged for their help. The good fishermen agreed, devising a plan to lure the donkey back...Throughout the whole neighborhood they walked...braying, "EEH-AH! EEE-HAH!" They were hoping Nicholas's donkey would think he heard a fellow donkey calling and run back right away...

By this time it had begun to snow...everyone began to worry about St. Nicholas's poor donkey....

"EEH-AH! EEEH-AHI" they all cried. 

But there was only silence...

Then they heard it, faintly at first—"EEH-AH! EEEHH-AH!"—and then more loudly: "EEH-AHH!"

All at once...a gray form emerged from the whirling snow...St. Nicholas's donkey!

The children from all around had joined in their search. Now shouting with delight, they led him back to the anxiously waiting Saint...When the lost donkey saw he was about to be reunited at last with his beloved master, he was beside himself with joy! "EEHAH! EEH-AH!" he brayed happily, while St. Nicholas laughed & scratched him behind the ears.

The very next moment...the donkey began dropping the fruits of his digestion on the freshly fallen snow.

But as they fell, a miracle occurred: for there—all that could be found were rich, round, spicy Pfeffernüsse! (Spiced Cookies)

Since that day, they have been a sweet reminder of how being with a loved one can lighten one's load and change everything.

By Louise Carus from The Real St. Nicholas: Tales of Generosity and Hope from Around the World.

Don't believe me? Read more about Saint Nic and his donkey here.