Donkeys for Sale

Why are we selling some of our best donkeys?

The cliff notes version...we milk our donkeys for kids and adults with autoimmune disease like our daughters.

We also import cruelty free organic donkey milk that we ship across the USA.

We fought a big environmental fight, took a bill to the Oklahoma Capitol to ban toxic waste (Humanure) used on hay fields and farms across Oklahoma.
The Senator we met with pretended he was on our side...then killed our bill.

About a week later we had two government agent’s show up at our farm, one with the FDA...on an “anonymous” phone call that a kid “might” get sick from drinking donkey milk, and that we were making claims like “curing autism.” Both bogus, and the agent’s knew it. They said “we can’t find anything you’ve done yet, but we’re having our lawyers look for something.” (Guilty, until proven innocent.)

They told us we can’t advertise on our website or social media that we have raw donkey milk, killing sales. (Our lawyer told us this is unconstitutional, but if we go against it, they could come to our farm and seize everything...then we would have to take a government agency to court.)

The next $14,000 shipment of cruelty free, organic donkey milk we imported was seized by the FDA (June 2nd.) Every day of storage could be $30 in fees. 

Could all be coincidence...but right now, it’s tough, and we’re making tough choices.

Friends encouraged us to set up a Hay Fund, and that has been a huge blessing! Thank you to everyone who pitched in for hay. (Below is the link to contribute if you feel led.)

But until they make us into the next Erin Donkeyvich movie...we have a few donkeys for sale to approved homes.