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According to raw milk laws (Federal and State) raw milk of any kind cannot be shipped in the United States, and must be picked up on our farm in Luther, Oklahoma.

To purchase raw donkey milk email 

We also have freeze dried, USDA Organic donkey milk available that we can ship anywhere in the USA.

To purchase, go to our website

Because of the demand and the limitations on raw donkey milk, we have partnered with  Asinus Atlanticus (Azores Islands, Portugal) in Europe to bring pasteurized, freeze dried donkey milk to the USA, which is available to order from our website here and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. We are hearing great results from families using the freeze dried donkey milk!!!

We have a limited supply of raw milk on our farm, and we give priority to sick children who depend on our milk. The first jar is a gift from our family for children with PANDAS / PANS made possible by soap and skincare sales. If families are struggling financially, the generous donations others have given on their behalf help cover the cost of additional milk for sick children who otherwise may not be able to afford the milk (when available.) 


Donkeys only give a few ounces of milk per day, which makes the milk more expensive to produce and a limited supply. Please read more on dosages here.

****If your family is under financial hardship and you have a sick child in need of donkey milk but cannot afford it, you can apply for milk money donations here. We do our best to be good stewards of the milk money donations that individuals give on behalf of sick children, and try to make sure they go to the families that truly need them most.  


If you would like to give milk money to the fund for sick children, it would be a huge blessing, and you can do so here. If you would like to donate milk money on behalf of a specific family in need, just add a note to your order with the name of the family and their contact info, and let them know they have a milk money donation in their name at the Donkey Dairy. We now have a non-profit set up to help handle these donations, to donate through the non-profit, please send a check made out to "Hee Haw for Health" to 13150 N. Peebly Rd., Luther, OK 73054.


Due to the recent flood of News coverage, we have been inundated with emails and phone calls. As much as I would love to be able to share our story and answer your questions personally, it isn't humanly possible, and our family was suffering for it. Please start by reading the research articles listed on the Donkey Milk Research page and watching the news stories on our farm. If you have additional questions or would like to read more about our journey, you can read our blog here. If  you would prefer a phone consultation, please purchase a time slot here we will contact you to set up a time to chat. I am not a doctor, and cannot give medical advice, we can only share our story and lend a listening ear.

Thank you and God bless!