When Silence is a Sin.

Well, since we've already broached the "no-no" of politics, on to my latest controversial, could get me banned, blog post. Because...I love you too much to stay silent. Please, read to the end.

I'm no Schindler.

For one thing, I'm definitely not a brilliant business person. For another, we milk donkeys and make soap. So. There's that.

But, I believe God has brought us through some incredibly difficult, painful things, and introduced us to some incredible, brilliant people, and he's taught us a lot in the process. So it's my responsibility to share the things I've learned from them with you...whether I want to or not.

Whether you agree or not. Even if you "cancel" me and never buy our products again.

Because if I know the truth, and stay silent, then I will be responsible too. (And if you continue reading, that applies to you too.)

Because sometimes, SILENCE IS A SIN.

Through PANDAS / Autoimmune Encephalitis, we have met multiple families of v@cc1ne injured children. Children with severe Autism. Children with brain inflammation causing behaviors they can't control. 

Their brains are on fire. 

It's not just caused by strep. Their brains are being attacked by their immune systems, and no one seems to know why. Instead, they drug them, and treat the symptoms, without ever asking WHY.

So, when I hear a brilliant Doctor explain why everyone on the face of the earth now has brain inflammation to some degree, and that "their brains are on FIRE." I understand all to well exactly what she means.

And it breaks my heart for what I know is coming.

Because I can't stop this train wreck.

All I can do is gather the courage to share the truth, and hope that you will listen and do the same...and maybe, together, we can save one, or two, or ten people from what's coming. And it will be up to them to care for the ones we couldn't reach.

Please, take the time to watch these videos and read these articles, even if it's painful, even if you disagree. Even if it makes you mad. Educate yourself. You will never see this on mainstream media. They are censoring the videos of the reactions people are having to this experimental therapy in a syringe. They are intentionally, or unintentionally, keeping you in the dark.

Why? Because there are billions of dollars invested in this program. They can't stop this speed train now. They can only cover their tracks.

The easiest, safest, and most profitable thing for us to do would be to keep our mouths shut and count on our donkey milk sales going through the roof when everyone's immune systems go haywire and their brains are inflamed after getting this new cancer treatment a.k.a. "gene therapy" in a shot...but the thought of what's coming breaks my heart. 

Below are some links with information you might find helpful in your research for the Truth. I’ll be adding to this list as more information becomes available. Please share with your loved ones. Share with your enemies. Share with your doctors. Share with your grocer. Share with your gynecologist. Share with your pediatrician.

Embrace the feeling of being ridiculed, scoffed at, and canceled....

Jesus did it for us, it's the least we can do for Him.

Because sometimes, silence is a sin. 

"If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them."

James 4:17

The few scientists and doctors that are brave enough to speak out against this are being censored, silenced, and ruined, yet they continue to speak the truth...


Click here for more incredible in-depth interviews with Doctors, Researchers, and world renowned business owners from Planet Lockdown: The Film


Trigger warning: below are videos of individuals with “adverse reactions” to this gene therapy in a syringe. They are extremely difficult to watch. As a mom who’s seen the devastating neurological effects of brain inflammation...this makes me incredibly angry to see the “collateral damage” they deemed an “acceptable risk.” And in case you were wondering, the makers of this new therapy in a needle have ZERO LIABILITY. NONE. NADA. NOT ONE RED CENT.
Please report your adverse events to VAERS and share in comments below.




To report an adverse reaction to this therapy or see the latest numbers of adverse reactions, go to the CDC Vaers website here:


If you are terrified of getting this illness, please read the blog post where I shared the protocol from my MD friend who hasn't lost a single patient to this. Not ONE. Here is the link, in case you missed it. I'm adding some additional information as well, so, if you're still living in fear, please check it out.

P.S. After leaving Facebook and Instagram, we thought we might try Parler, but I never felt like it was something I was supposed to invest much time in. And then they shut down Parler....and the depth of the censorship at work was more obvious than ever. Now I'm hearing they're even censoring texts, and my husband has informed me that Shopify (the web hosting platform that I use for my website) has shut down the websites of small businesses for selling hol$ters, kept the funds, and left them in the dust...so this blog isn't immune from censorship either.

So, while I realize that the words I write on this blog...connected to my website shop...may very well get my webstore and business shut down, I don't see a way out.

I have to write this post. I HAVE TO. I can't have this information and not speak out now. Even if they shut us down because of it.

But IF THEY DO, WE WILL BE BACK. It may take months for me to rebuild a new website on a new platform, but they can't take us out that easily. We have Truth on our side, and you can't silence the TRUTH.

If you have questions, or if my website "disappears", you can reach me at DulcedeDonke@gmail.com and on our New YouTube Channel, either Donkey Milk for Health or Oklahoma Donkey Dairy. (Look for it. ;). 

P.S. I'm still not a doctor. This isn't medical advice. Please do your own research and make your own INFORMED decisions for your health.



  • Joseph

    Where can I buy goat milk from you guys?

  • Lisa West

    Try using GAB as a social media outlet. It’s great. Lots of insider truth on there and they haven’t been able to shut it down.

  • Becky Tatum

    https://usntouch.com/?hb_id=67. Our neighbor stated a facebook type media that you will love.

  • Catie H

    I’m very thankful to you for posting this. It must have been difficult for you; especially with everything that has been going on lately. And it is creepy the way they go through EVERYTHING now. What really scares me is how it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

    And if you are looking for alternative social media, I’d recommend Gab.com. Andrew Torba, the founder, is a good man, and a fellow Christian. A site that actually uplifts men like Franklin Graham and Mike Lindell, as well as allowing Dr.Mercola, Charlene & Ty Bollinger, and Sayer Ji to have a platform can’t possibly be all that bad.

  • Sage

    Thank you, Saundra. I appreciate you. 💛

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