The incredible, edible, itty bitty Quail Egg!

This post isn’t about donkey milk.

Well, maybe just a little bit about donkey milk, but it’s mostly about…EGGS!

Not the Incredible Edible Egg advertized by a million cram packed chicken layer producers.

We’re talking about these little, itty, bitty birds and their little, itty, bitty eggs, and why in the world you should be eating them. Why in the world a sane person would drive 45 minutes one way, just to pick up a dozen eggs, each the size of a large marble.

Let me tell you a bit about Quail, and their Eggs, and why I want these little birds on our farm. 

Let’s just say WE LOVE OUR DONKEYS and WE LOVE OUR DONKEY MILK! (Immune modulating properties, high lysozyme and lactoferrin aka super antibacterial, and full of probiotics, in a nutshell.) We’re blessed, and thankful. But I’m that mom that can’t stop looking for ways to make us all healthier. And keep us healthy. So when a friend tells me I need to check out Quail Eggs, I check out Quail Eggs.

Apparently eating these humble little eggs is helping heal peoples allergies. And they work so well that it’s becoming big business, if you’re into that sort of thing… Ovogenics is based entirely on the benefits of Quail Eggs and their allergy fighting amazingness. To quote their site…”Quails’ eggs: a powerful weapon against allergies! Since time immemorial, quails’ eggs have been used for a variety of respiratory diseases, where the pharmacopoeia has been rather lacking. Working empirically, the ancients had noticed the therapeutic powers of this little egg. The latest technological advances and a better knowledge of the world of proteins explain and demonstrate how quails’ eggs work in different ways on respiratory diseases and the immune system. Quails’ eggs are the most dietetic eggs in the world. They are considered to be the product of animal origin with the most balanced content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They are five times smaller than hens’ eggs but contain 5 times more phosphorus (very good for the brain, phosphorus’ action in the organism is above all essential to the health of bones and teeth), 7 times more iron, 6 times more B1 vitamins (which play a crucial role in growth and the proper functioning of the cardio-vascular, digestive and nervous systems) and 15 times more B2 vitamins (which help to protect the nervous system and support growth and tissue repair). And above all, they contain no cholesterol!” This site has more info on quail eggs and their anti-inflammatory properties, benefits for asthma, eczema, and allergies. And this extremely interesting account of Mr. Driscoll, who suffered from miserable allergies after getting a harmless flu shot. (Read sarcasm here. If you’ve heard the accounts of PANS and PANDAS parents whose children got PANDAS after a flu shot or other harmless vaccine, you’d know why I’m dripping sarcasm over here.) But back to Mr. Driscoll…his flu shot induced allergies were cured by, you guessed it, quail eggs.

Oh yeah, and in Japan they give their kids a couple quail eggs every morning for breakfast to keep them healthy. Quail eggs are also Alkaline, where chicken eggs are acidic. Duck eggs are Alkaline as well, but Quail eggs are even more Alkaline than Duck eggs on the scale. Why does this matter? Most typical Americans have a highly acidic diet, so adding alkaline foods is a bonus. Plus, many people who are allergic to chicken eggs can tolerate quail eggs or duck eggs just fine.

And then there’s the whole Manna and Quail in the desert for the Israelites during their 40 years of wandering. That’s another post…Quail and Donkeys. Check out how many times they’re mentioned in the Bible. If God likes them so much, they’re going on my farm wish list.

So, here’s my point. PANDAS is an autoimmune disease. The immune system gets out of wack and goes into overdrive, attacking the brain.

Allergies are also autoimmune. The immune system goes into overdrive on pollen, dust, cat hair, whatever. So, what if we add some quail eggs to our PALEO diet? Couldn’t hurt, huh? And for most of the world, it’s easier to find quail eggs than donkey milk. So, if you want to start small (pardon my pun), go get some quail. You could probably put them on your apartment balcony and no one would notice. Plus they mature in 6 weeks! 6 weeks to having your own eggs!!! And it’s hilarious to fry a couple of tiny quail eggs and call your kids for breakfast. Priceless.

According to my super quail researching friend, “Quail eggs should only be consumed at a rate of 3-5 per day. They are high in Vitamin A, which is something we can overdose on if we’re not careful when taking other supplements along with Quail eggs….It is best to consume the eggs raw or lightly boiled, with the yolk still runny) to avoid cooking out the nutrients. Quail body temperatures are high, so the concern of salmonella with a raw egg is eliminated. Also, they contain a good dose of lysozyme, which is a bacteria killer, so again, raw is best.” (Donkey Milk is also high in lysozyme, amazing, huh?) I like to mix a couple of raw quail eggs into our smoothies in the morning…it's actually even yummier that way. 

These benefits are also one of the reasons our Quail Egg and Donkey Milk soap is one of our best seller. But, more on that later. 

But WHERE do you get quail eggs???? If you’re not up for your own Quail Balcony Farm, try Craigslist. Or Facebook. Turns out there are groups of quail enthusiasts out there, just waiting to be discovered and valued. Most of them probably don’t even know how amazing those little eggs are. BUT, here’s the BUT, I really can’t tell you if Quail Eggs help with PANDAS…because my girl was already doing so well with just Donkey Milk, so I don’t have a crazy awesome healing with quail eggs story. That said, I would love to hear from you if you try quail eggs, and see any improvements in your autoimmune disease or allegies. Anything it takes to get our health where it needs to be. Even peeling itty bitty boiled marbles. I mean, Quail Eggs. Now, if only I could convince my husband to build a quail set up on our farm. In the meantime, I just managed to convince half my farm-ey friends to get quail. At least I’ll have a source closer than 45 minutes away…if I can convince them to share the eggs!!!

If you’re in Oklahoma, join the facebook group “Quail of Oklahoma” and ask who’s selling near you. If outside Oklahoma, join the Facebook group “Quail Breeders Unite: A group for Enthusiasts, Breeders, and Producers” and ask for eggs near you.

You could also find them at your nearest Chinese grocery store. But I prefer farm raised, of course.

(Read my disclaimer, not a doctor, just a mom, blah blah blah.)

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