The Farming Crisis no one is talking about

You may have been wondering why I haven't been blogging much since leaving Fakebook and Instagrab. Well, I've been sticking to the "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" narrative.

And what I have to say isn't nice. Not by a long stretch.

But, I believe it needs to be said. 

We're hearing from farmers around the WORLD that this last year was their worst year ever. Either their animals didn't breed back, or they lost the babies due to miscarriage or death shortly after birth. (We're also hearing this from cattle ranchers, and Tyson recently said their chicken shortage was due to "underperforming roosters.")

Donkeys are pregnant for 11-14 months. This gestation period is longer than most farm animals, and as a result, their risks of being harmful exposures during that time, environmental or otherwise, is greater.

There are brave MD's speaking out about the fert*lity issues in the human race over the last year...but no one is looking at the fert*lity issues in our animals.

No one is talking about this, but, if you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that all the big players are investing heavily in factory cloned meat.

Cloned Milk.

Cloned cows that make "human" breast milk.

And Insect-O-Food.

But, to be clear, eating meat from cloned animals in the USA is nothing new. Our FDA approved it back in 2008.  And no, they don't have to label your hamburger as coming from a clone.

So. Unless you know your farmer, you're probably already serving cloned meat to your kiddos. (Let that sink in.)

Factory cloned meat, however, takes the clone to a new low.

This is "meat" grown and cultured in factories from day one. 

"Meat" that never breathed. Never ate a blade of grass. Never lived. And never died.

Ahhh, but I can hear you now. YOU will never eat factory cloned meat. 


The wealthiest people in the world would disagree. 

We're not just talking about Billy Boy Gates, Richy Rich Branson, and....gulp, Cargill and Tyson investing in the stuff. We're talking about the big guys in the meat industry shutting down meat processing plants as they shift their investments to factory cloned meats.

Now, why do you think that is?

I can tell you this. One of the MD's who is going public with what he knows, on a global tour, has told me personally that we need to do everything we can to protect the fertility of our animals. And our Veterinarian agrees.

And it breaks my heart.

If you haven't put together what I'm saying, I'm happy for you.

This stuff is heavy. And hard. And I really, really hope I'm just the crazy donkey milk lady, seeing flaming swords where there are none.

But, if I'm right...(and I pray I'm wrong....) Please, take action before it's too late.

  1. Get to know a farmer and start buying direct. Know that farmer well. Make sure that farmer understands the risks we're facing and how to protect his herd. Or, get some backyard chickens. Or quail. Or goats. Or pigs.
  2. Call your Legislators and ask them to introduce a bill requiring all Lab Grown, Factory Cloned Meat to be labeled clearly as such for the consumer. (Here is the link to find your legislator in Oklahoma. If they refuse, ask them which of the big boys above filled the coffers for their campaign.)

Either that, or invest in cloned meat  and insect-o-food.

And, like it.

For the record, our farm has had one of it's most fertile years ever. We've had Jennies we thought were barren having healthy babies. 

I wonder why that is?

I'll be sharing a not-so-cryptic video on this topic on our YouTube channel soon.

Bring it on, Fact Checkers and hate mongers.

We milk donkeys for a living.

We were the butt of A** jokes and Fact Checking before they were cool.

By the way, getting a beat down for speaking unwanted truth isn't a new thing.

Balaam fact checked his donkey for telling him he was about to walk into a death trap.

I'm not a Doctor, or a Prophet, but I am stubborn as a donkey. And God has given us some pretty brilliant friends, connections we never could have made on our own.

And the courage to open our mouths and speak.


We're speaking now.

Bring on the beat down.

We have a Friend in the High Place.

And He has our back.

The Prophet Balaam and the Angel by John Linnell (1859)

"Balaam got up in the morning, saddled his donkey and went with the princes of Moab.
But God was very angry when he went, and the angel of the LORD stood in the road to oppose him. Balaam was riding on his donkey, and his two servants were with him.
When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with a drawn sword in his hand, she turned off the road into a field. Balaam beat her to get her back on the road.
Then the angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path between two vineyards, with walls on both sides.
When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD, she pressed close to the wall, crushing Balaam's foot against it. So he beat her again.
Then the angel of the LORD moved on ahead and stood in a narrow place where there was no room to turn, either to the right or to the left.
When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD, she lay down under Balaam, and he was angry and beat her with his staff.
Then the LORD opened the donkey's mouth, and she said to Balaam, "What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?"
Balaam answered the donkey, "You have made a fool of me! If I had a sword in my hand, I would kill you right now."
The donkey said to Balaam, "Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day? Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?" "No," he said.
Then the LORD opened Balaam's eyes, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with his sword drawn. So he bowed low and fell facedown.
The angel of the LORD asked him, "Why have you beaten your donkey these three times? I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me. 
The donkey saw me and turned away from me these three times. If she had not turned away, I would certainly have killed you by now, but I would have spared her."
Balaam said to the angel of the LORD, "I have sinned. I did not realize you were standing in the road to oppose me."

Numbers 22:--21-34

If you are a farmer who gets what's at stake, please comment below with your contact information so my followers will know who you are and how to buy direct from you. 

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  • Dirtpatcheaven

    I have started to react to all restaurant food. We grow about 75% of our own food including dairy this year. We have increased our types of cultured food to help with digestion. I wish I had enough land to grow our animal’s food. I don’t understand how scientists don’t see the folly of what is happening.

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