PANDAS stealing children while we look the other way.

This symbolizes our “mutual friends” on Facebook.

Two out of six.

I am often tagged on posts where parents are sharing their child’s devastating diagnosis. It’s happening more and more often...

But this week I looked at their page and realized 2 out of 6 of our common friends have a child with this disease. 

Some of these are your friends too, and you have no idea they’re privately living this horror. They share in private PANDAS groups, with me and other parents they’ve never met, but they’re silent on their personal page, and sometimes don’t even tell their closest friends. 

You would have to be incredibly courageous or downright stupid to share this story with a world that doesn’t understand.

Meanwhile more families are misdiagnosed. The doctors say “it’s rare.”

The statisticians say 1 in 200.

I’m no mathematician, but I’m seeing 2 in 6...?

Or 3 in 7 counting the devastating mom who shared the story you just tagged me on.

Tell me how that adds up to 1 in 200.

Better yet, tell me why our children are being stolen in the night by the worst kind of Pied Piper while the townspeople pretend it’s all ok.

This. Is. Not. O.K.

Parents. Share your story. With your best friend. Your gynecologist. Your school counselor. Your pediatrician. The one who sees this every single day and misses it. Again. And again. And again.

While the Pied Piper plays on.





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