When a Neurologist recommends Donkey Milk for MS, it's a good day.

"We are from Florida...My wife has been suffering with some chronic autoimmune disorder, and was recommended the milk....My wife has MS and her Neurologist has talked about the benefits of the milk regarding flare ups and chronic pain." ---email from one of the best husbands in Florida. Obviously.

Sometimes God encourages us through a smart Neurologist in Florida and a super dedicated husband. 

I know you all had a rough week. I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you. You are experiencing the joys and the heartbreaks that livestock producers experience on a daily basis. That’s why ranchers, farmers, and people such as yourselves are special. You experience the love and the loss of God’s creatures daily, and you are blessed by these experiences. The losses hurt immeasurably, but the joys of new beginnings and triumphs minimizes the lows. I’m honored to know you all, and I want you to know that God will bless you with many more joys which will hopefully outweigh the memories of weeks like this one. God Bless you!“

And sometimes through a big hearted, great Equine Vet in Arcadia...who wouldn’t want his name on this...so, if you’re looking for a great Vet, it rhymes with Cram Brosby. In Arcadia. Oklahoma. 

And sometimes through all of you who sent us messages, and comments, and prayers.

But sometimes, in the words of our friend and Volunteer Anne-Marie...sometimes you just want to be sad for a while.

The great / hard thing about this farming / ranching / donkey dairy gig is, you can't sit and wallow for long. Unless you're a pig. And, we don't have pigs. So, wallowing may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning. (American Donkey Dairy Translation.)***

Around here, we grieve more like donkeys. It’s loud and obnoxious and pitiful.

And then...like our Belle, we get up and keep going.

We put our coveralls on (even if it is over pajamas, it still counts.) Traipse through the field to find Belle's yearling who's already well past weaned, cover her in Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oil, and try to trick Belle into thinking she's her long lost dead baby, fail miserably, epically and hilariously, because, donkeys are smart, ya'all, and suck it up and move on.

Because the joyous, craziness, what you'll do in desperation-ness, DOES outweigh the sadness. By far.

For the record, I stopped just short of rubbing poor, long suffering, sweet yearling Donkey Dovie in 24 hour old donkey placenta. But ONLY because Belle already had zero milk and Dovie wasn't all that down with the whole nursing thing anyway. Otherwise, it would have been on like Donkey Kong.

For my poetic followers, who were totally offended by my Donkey Dairy Translation bit...here you go.

"For his anger is but for a moment,
    and his favor is for a lifetime.

Weeping may tarry for the night,
    but joy comes with the morning."

 Psalm 30:5 ESV***

And that lifetime of favor bit? That's a pretty sweet deal right there.

www.donkeymilkforhealth.com (for the donkey milk we CAN ship to Florida. Or Washington. Or Oregon. Or Texas...you get the idea.)





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