Mindy and the EPM battle

Mindy is doing absolutely amazing. She went from being down and not able to get up, multiple times, we thought she wasn’t going to pull through this.

To walking almost in a straight, normal gait. Take that, EPM disease.

Our Vets summed it up, “That is fantastic improvement...she might make a buggy donkey after all.”

And, “She is a tough old gal.”

Sometimes I write to encourage you all.

Sometimes I write to publicly rant.

But sometimes I write to remember...

Because life is made up of the stuff between “Once upon a time” and “happily ever after.” Without the wicked witches of EPM and laminitis and colic, there would be no need for gallant Veterinarians to come save the day, or seven dwarfs to pray while working all day, or good fairies to volunteer in their spare fairy time. Or woodcutters to spare the girl and give her a second, and third, and fourth, chance. 

Not because she has a pretty face (she does, but that’s beside the point.)

Because, love.


This isn’t just about donkeys ya’all. The heroes in this story aren’t fighting just to save Mindy. They’re fighting for our children. 

And I can’t thank them enough.


PS. The “woodcutter” was a Snow White reference. The “fairies” are our angelic kind volunteers, they don’t actually have wings...as far as I know. And I don’t really think everyone praying for us is short and dumpy with pointy ears and working in diamond mines. Please don’t take that as literal and send hate mail. It’s called symbolism. Or something like that. Just, go with it. 😘😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

PSS. Aggie is doing great too...her wound healed nicely, and she has taken up her post of protecting her best friend Mindy from all who might give her a giant shot or dose of meds down the hatch. Or pet Mindy instead of her.



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  • Yesi

    I ran into your website by a google search of EPM and donkeys. We a at e thinking this is what our donkey has and was curious to know what symptoms your donkey had prior to the diagnosis and how she’s doing now. And info is greatly appreciated

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