I'm no better than Lot's wife or Balaam's donkey

So many of you have questioned why I would leave Instagram and Facebook.

Honestly, over the last 48 hours I have questioned this decision.

The majority of our business has come from FB and IG. We have more and more followers every day since the story in Southern Living.

There are many here who need to hear the Truth.

Leaving makes no sense.

One friend shared with me the perspective of a Christian “Influencer” with thousands of followers. She shared all her reasons for staying, all the reasons why she won’t leave IG.

They were great reasons.

And then I saw her next post. The post she had done the day before.

It was the story of Lot’s wife.

First she shared the story of what happened to a woman who didn’t want to leave a place of darkness, and in the next breath, she shared all the reasons why she herself would not leave a place of darkness.

The Lord sent messengers to Lot before He took Sodom down.

They told him his mission was done, it was time to get out, to save his family, there was nothing left for them there…

And then there was Lot’s wife…

She left behind her family, her friends, her business, her possessions, her security, her following.

She looked back at all she would lose, and she turned to salt.


Yes, we are called to be Salt and Light.

But when we can no longer be the Light in the darkness….we are just, a block of useless salt.

We read that story, and we judge Lot’s wife for looking back.

We think, “I would never look back on that evil place! I would run for my life and be set free!”

But we stay.

We stay because it’s comfortable. We stay because it’s our home. We stay because it’s easy. We stay because it’s our business….our income depends on it…. we have so many memories here.

And leaving is HARD. And SCARY. And NEW.

This place has become my Sodom.

I love it here.

Until now, I believed I was called to be here.

To stay.

I felt it was part of my mission, to share Truth and Light and the Love of Christ in the darkness of this place.

And then, suddenly, we were called OUT.

Multiple messages from totally different sources were sent telling us to GET OUT.

Get out while you can.

Like Lot’s wife, I’m waffling. I want to stay. I want to keep my “followers” and my “friends.”

I want to keep my business and my income. I don’t want to lose everything “I” have built.

I want to stay.

I thought it was my duty to share the truth. I thought “If I leave, they won’t hear, they won’t know, they’ll go to their destruction, they’ll be sheep to the slaughter...”

And this morning God reminded me again of Lot’s wife.

And then He reminded me of Balaam.

Balaam, who “was rebuked for his wrongdoing by a donkey—a beast without speech—who spoke with a man’s voice and restrained the prophet’s madness.”

And how silly am I, to think that God needs ME to speak and stop this madness.

He can speak through a donkey if need be.

He doesn’t need ME.

I need HIM.

And this place has become nothing more than a death trap for me and my family.

“I” didn’t build this business. God did.


It’s time for me to leave.

I will tell you, we aren’t giving up.

We won’t stop fighting, but the battleground is changing.

If we stay, we’re fighting this war on enemy territory, on their terms, and they have the upper hand.

This is their playing field.

As long as we play on their terms, they can continue to censor us and threaten us, and imprison us when we don't "obey."

As long as we play their game, we will continue to lose this war.

It’s time we brought the battle home.

Where we can fight on OUR TERMS.

Where we have the upper hand.

Right now, we’re making plans for the battle ahead.

Plans to open a farm store, and a gathering place, a place for real relationships to grow, FACE TO FACE.

And we will fight on OUR terms. With OUR rules. The ones given under God, and under the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our rules?

  • No vax required.
  • No masks allowed (they’re contaminated germ spreaders.)
  • No phones allowed (and no 5G either.)
  • No temperatures taken.
  • No fumigating with carcinogenic “cleaners”.
  • No neurotoxin endocrine disrupting “hand sanitizers”.
  • No toxic chemical detergent "soaps".
  • No Frankenfood.

What IS allowed???

  • Hugs
  • Smiles
  • Fresh Air
  • Walks in the woods
  • Fresh food
  • Real relationships
  • Laughter
  • LOVE
  • And a lot of talking donkeys 😉

But how will anyone know, if we don’t have social media to spread the word?

John wrote the book of Revelation on an island, while in exile.

And his words spread around the world.

I'm definitely not John. Not by any stretch...but, God is still good. And He still holds the world in His hands.

I hope, dear friends, that you take a moment to sign up for my email list. I don’t want to lose touch.

But if you don’t, I still can’t stay.

The price is too great.

So, "Hee Haw, Heeeee Haw!"

(That’s my Donkey-ese for “God Bless you all!”)

P.S. If you’d like to sign up for our e-newsletter, it’s on the website at www.DulceDeDonke.com

P.S.S. This is where I believe God wants us to go. But perhaps God is calling you to stay in Sodom until it's burned to a crisp. Ask Him where He wants you to be. Listen to the still, small voice. And, obey.


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  • Dirtpatcheaven

    Did someone steal your facebook account? I just saw it was active with posts this month.

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