Herd health part 2

I haven't wanted to share this, but at this point, I don't feel like I have a choice. If you haven't read my last blog, this one won't make much sense. So, you may want to start there:

"How we deal with Shedding on the Farm"

Now, it's time we dealt with the current (allegorical) "equine" influenza spreading through the "herd."

Over the last year, God has connected us with some incredible "Professional Farmers." Farmers who have been treating their "herd" for the latest "equine influenza" with great success.

One of those Farmers, we'll call her "Farmer Sarah" shared the herd health tips in the blog post below, and hopefully helped keep some of the herd healthy last year. 

Give the Gift of Health for Christmas

So, when Farmer Sarah called me distraught that the things that were working for the herd (both the "un-grained" and the “grained”) weren't cutting it anymore...it was disturbing, to say the least. Farmer Sarah is an excellent Farmer. One of the best. She wasn't "mistreating" her donkeys. She was doing all the right things...and it still wasn’t enough.

No one wants to lose any of their beloved donkeys. 

And we certainly weren't going to lock our donkeys up in isolation pens.

And this isn't an option....

But, this was alarming, to say the least.

Thankfully, God cares for the sparrows, and the donkeys, and He is still shepherding the flock...errrr, herd.

These brilliant Farmers came up with a way to help the herd stay healthy again, whether they are "grained" or "un-grained." In fact, since using these donkey treats, of 278 donkeys "treated", not one has been lost.

 Herd health

P.S. This does NOT mean you should stop doing all the things Farmer Sarah shared with us last year. Please, keep your herd’s immune systems strong and make sure they take their donkey-itamins. (Preaching to the Herd here...)

And, if you aren't familiar with IV Ozone, I would highly recommend looking into it. Contact me if you need help finding a Professional "Farmer" providing IV Ozone, or comment below if you are a Professional "Farmer" implementing this. I've seen super sick "donkeys" turn around mid-infusion. Amazing.

Here is a bit of research for using IV ozone in this situation here, and here, and here.

Now, a word about Regener0n and M0n0clon@l Antibod!es. If you are one of the donkeys who is claiming a rel!g!ous exempt!on on the grain, because it was created by using "historical" fet@l cells, then you may want to read the article below. If I were a Totalitarian Farm Dictator, I would look at your veterinary history and say "Well, you used M0n0clon@l Ant!bodies, and they were created with aborted fet@l cells, just like the "grain," so, no relig!ous exempt!on for you!" 

And yes, I know they are showing great success. But, my herd won't be getting them. Or taking the "grain." Because you can't have it both ways. 



MAB naming info here

(For those of you wondering what Chimera may be referencing...jump down the rabbit hole here: The 5 Chimeras: Human Monkey Hybrids Chinese Research Moral Dilemma )

As usual. Do your own research. I'm not a Doctor. Just a farmer. And a Mom. And a fighter for truth and health for all "donkeys" in the world.

This isn't medical advice. Consult your Farmer, I mean, Doctor, errr, Health Professional. Whatever.

Oh, and while you're here, it would mean a lot to us if you could buy some soap or sponsor a day of hay. Writing stuff that offends half my customers isn't exactly profitable. After my last shedding post, our sales tanked by almost 30%. Truth telling and sales aren't exactly compatible these days.

But, then again, nobody said this gig was supposed to be easy. In fact, if it's easy, you might be doing it wrong...

 "Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.  For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul. "

Matthew 16:24-26

Pray for the Professional "Farmers" that are standing against the Grain and for what they believe in. They're going through the fire right now. Only a few are willing to take the risks and actually treat their donkeys with the "treats" that are working. Many are facing losing their "Farming" jobs if they don't take the grain. They are being threatened with losing their "Farming" license if they even share information that goes "against the grain" on their Social Media"The Federation of State Medical Boards warned July 29 that physicians and other healthcare professionals could be at risk of losing their med!cal licenses if they spread COV!D-!9 vacc!ne mis!nformation on social media, online and in the media. FSMB, a nonprofit that represents all U.S. state medical boards, said any clinicians who create or spread vacc!ne mis!nformation or dis!nformation risk disciplinary action by state medical boards, including suspension or revocation of their medical license"

So, please share. Share on Fakebook. Share on Insta-man. Share with your fellow donkeys and especially, share with the sheep.

It's up to all of us to Hee Haw for the Truth. 




  • Anh

    Thank you so much for the dedication of your donkey farming to help kids like ours. You and your family inspired us to serve God and people regardless what obstacles we might face.

  • Teresa

    Lovely article. I have really enjoy your emails and messages too, they always make me giggle and resonate with something I agree with. Keep the faith and I’ll add you to my prayer list!

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