Goodbye to Millie

Many of you met our Maremma Sheepdog Millie at the Hee Haw for Health event on our farm.

She was probably surfing for leftovers under your little one's feet.

If you knew her, you knew this was the position she loved best. Flat on her back, legs in the air, waiting for a belly rub.

She was a huge part of our farm. She protected everything, watched over everything. And...ate everything.

She could be in a dead sleep when a chicken would sing it's "I laid an egg" song, and instantly she was awake, on her feet, and searching for a fresh egg to digest.

Perhaps her appetite was her downfall.

Maybe it was a rotten carcass found in the woods. Maybe it was rat poison put out by a neighbor. We'll never know.

She never complained. Not a whimper. Not a whine. 

Maybe if she had, we could have done something to help her. 

We found her on our front porch this morning.

She had laid down in her favorite spot. The best place to watch over everything on the farm.

The place of a protector.

We'll miss you. 

Good Girl, Millie.

Well done.

P.S. I hope there are unlimited belly rubs and fresh eggs in heaven.

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  • donna s

    i am so sorry for your lost fur-baby. rest in peace millie

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