God is our provider.

So, I did this crazy thing and applied for an Oklahoma grant to donate donkey milk to COVID-19 patients in a voluntary trial.

Here's my award application...but, you have to read to the end to find out if we won. 

"Objective: funding for an experimental trial for the treatment and prevention of COVID 19 and the resulting cytokine storm, pulmonary, and neurological issues utilizing lyophilized DM and ultra-probiotic DM.

This groundbreaking research has the potential to provide safe, effective immune support without the side effects of current pharmaceuticals. “Research on DM has dramatically increased over the past few years; therefore, this review aims to critically summarize the current research, offering an insight into its unique functional properties, namely, antimicrobial activity, immunomodulation, and hypo allergenicity, especially highlighting their effect on human health. The microbiological and chemical safety, the nutritional profile, and donkey milk’s technology are also discussed.” https://www.tandfonline.com/…/10.1080/87559129.2016.1175014…

With the current pandemic, research is now of utmost importance. With sufficient funding, we would be able to facilitate a COVID 19 experimental trial providing donkey milk (DM) for COVID 19 patients in Oklahoma.

Based on current research, DM has the potential to be very beneficial for the prevention of the deadly cytokine storm caused by COVID 19, inflammation, and pulmonary issues. The high lysozyme content, Vitamin C, immunoglobulins, and a-lactalbumin, combine to make Donkey milk naturally immune modulating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral.

“Lysozyme exerts its antimicrobial activity by the hydrolysis of glycosidic bonds of mucopolisaccarides in bacterial cell walls [11]. Lysozyme, together with other peptides including immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase…reduce the incidence of gastro-intestinal infections [12]….The donkey’s three major whey proteins are α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin and lysozyme. Donkey’s milk α-lactalbumin has two isoforms with different isoeletric point [31]. Recently, it has been shown that α-lactalbumin presents antiviral, antitumor, and anti-stress properties….α-lactalbumin possesses anti-inflammatory activity exerted by the inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and phospholipase A2 [33].”


Our company currently imports lyophilized, pasteurized, USDA organic donkey milk (DM) for customers across the United States. (As well as providing raw donkey milk for Oklahomans on our farm.) We have pediatricians and neurologists across the United States who recommend it for their patients. DM is commonly used around the world for health issues, specifically autoimmune disease and pulmonary issues. We have seen incredible results with pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS), RA, Crohns, Asthma, and Alopecia. Interestingly, the pharmaceuticals that are proving effective for COVID 19 are those used to treat RA (an autoimmune disease), combined with antibiotics. We have seen people afflicted with RA able to stop their medications after switching to DM. Donkey Milk research demonstrates it is naturally immune modulating and antimicrobial, as well as antiviral.

“Antiviral activity of Ragusano donkeys' milk proteins was investigated for the effect on echovirus type 5, known to infect the gastrointestinal tract of humans. Three protein fractions were tested; casein (CN), whey protein (WP) and a low molecular whey protein fraction (LWP; <30,000 Da). The antiviral activity of WP and LWP was tested on echovirus type 5 at three concentrations (1, 5 and 10 mg mL−1); CN was assessed only at the lower concentration. All donkey milk protein fractions showed significant inhibition on virus replication at the concentration of 1 mg mL−1, and both WP and LWP fractions showed significant inhibition on the virus replication at all concentrations tested. The strongest antiviral effect was observed for the WP fraction. These findings show that the different whey proteins in donkey milk, probably acting in synergy, exert antiviral activity on echovirus 5…”


We have multiple researchers who are are very interested in further research on donkey milk and its effects on the immune system and gut microbiota, but the funding for researching natural alternative treatments is extremely difficult to obtain. Dr. Duarte (from University of Azores) presented his research on DM at our last health event.

This award would provide crucial funding to begin work with researchers, hospitals and staff, and increase the amount of donkey milk we can import and distribute to patients for use in the COVID 19 trial. Additional funds would enable further research and development of therapeutic donkey milk products (in development) a new and innovative product...

The work we are doing is crucial for the health of many children across Oklahoma and the United States. We host free health events on our farm for families with chronically ill children, attended by researchers and doctors from around the world. This event is part of our work to promote Oklahoma as a destination for health and agritourism.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to put you in contact with doctors and researchers regarding this research and the legitimacy of donkey milk as a therapeutic immune modulating treatment option.

(Links to additional research here https://dulcededonke.com/pages/donkey-milk-research )

Thank you for your consideration!"

Interestingly, after I submitted this, research surfaced that the gut microbiome and inflammation are indeed contributing factors to complications and death from COVID 19.

"They wrote: "Taken together, the available evidence suggests a potential role of gut microbiota in the susceptibility of COVID-19 progression and severity."
"The gut microbiome is critical to health and well-being, impacting upon a variety of important disorders. I am not surprised to see the anti-inflammatory links with COVID-19 set out here but it is very good indeed to see this evidence and use of modern techniques to do so."
"Other studies have detected the virus in stools and faeces, further suggesting a gastrointestinal link."
The scientists concluded: "In summary, our study provides novel insight that gut microbiota may underlie the susceptibility of the healthy individuals to the COVID-19." GUT MICROBES COULD PREDICT HOW SERIOUSLY ILL A COVID-19 PATIENT MIGHT GET, PRELIMINARY STUDY SUGGESTS

For those of you that read this far...congratulations!!! But, there's no grant money in it for you either. Sorry about that. Maybe I should send this directly to the top. Pretty sure President Trump would be intrigued.

And to all the businesses that were awarded all those $150,000 grants, congratulations!!!

Really. Well done. I'm happy for you all.

Just let us know if you need any donkey milk or skincare. Or if you want to help with our new barn fund (you can donate via the link below.  ) We'll put your name on it in big bold letters and throw a barn raising party with all the donkeys and the families who need our milk...once we can gather again, I mean.

And don't worry. We'll be o.k....more than O.K. (More than O.K. Get it? Bad Okie reject grant joke. Sorry....)

Not making claims. Not a doctor. Just a desperate researching momma bear, milking donkeys and making soap and trusting that God is our provider, not a government agency or a bureaucrat or a stimulus bill or a grant.

Oh, and if you'd like to give to that barn fund. Here you go:


Barn floorplan number 1,450,000 by Saundra Traywick. Barn Dreamer professional extraordinaire.

donkey dairy barn floorplan

donkey dairy dream barn from barn-builders.com

(Barn pictured by barn-builders.com)


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