Flu survival tips from the Donkey Dairy

When we were first married, we lived in the hood. 

The neighbor kids would come over and hang out on our front porch. 

One day, one of the little girls told me her momma was sick.

“Oh no!” I said, concerned. “What does she have?”

She gave me her most serious look, her mother must surely be in the hospital, probably dying, this was bad.

"She’s got sick and tired.”

This is also the little girl who told me her momma had broken her thumb, and that it was a big problem. “Why?” I asked.

“Because that’s her beer holding hand!”

When the flu struck our house, I too, was sick and tired. Thankfully, I haven’t broken my thumb, so I can still….type this post.

I’m still fighting it, so this post won’t be particularly clever or well written.

“Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.”

Flu mask

Here’s the deal, when you’ve witnessed your perfectly normal, healthy child get a simple case of strep throat, instantly exploding into an autoimmune disease that attacks her brain, you have a bit more paranoia about germs than the average mom.

You also have an arsenal of remedies up your sleeve.

Here are a few of our favorites, still not a doctor, blah blah blah...just mom to mom, over coffee chit chat mom wisdom. Speaking of...comment below with yours tips to beat the flu!

Here are some of mine.

First, strengthen you defensive game...support the Immune System:

  • Donkey Milk, you can read the research on our website here about it’s benefits: immune modulating, antibacterial, high lysozyme and vitamin C…just a few of the reasons it’s the go-to around here.
  • Monolaurin. This is the original. If you're local Okies, Dr. Audra Fox at Fusion MD has this at her office. No appointment needed, you can pop in and buy them from the front desk, and support a great practice while you're at it. Tell them the Donkey Dairy sent you. Because, it's always fun to tell someone the donkey dairy sent you.
  • Elderberry Syrup: you can buy an organic version with legit ingredients here, or you can make your own. It’s cheaper, and it's easy. Really. Here’s a link to the recipe we use, but I substitute real maple syrup instead of honey, because Ayurveda says never heat honey. And I don't like how the honey mooshes to the bottom in the fridge. And I add cinnamon, also, a super food, and cloves have amazing benefits...Just trust me on that one. You can get organic elderberries on Amazon here. NOTE: elderberries (and echinacea) are immune boosters. This can be a negative for those with autoimmune disease. We haven't had issues, but some do.
  • Vitamin C: high dose. They say you can’t overdose on Vitamin C. If you overload your system, it can cause diarrhea, but that’s about it. This is a good brand, and they have it at Energetic Wellness. (Support local, peeps.)
  • Vitamin D+K2. You need these two in combo. I could tell you why, but I’m sick. And tired. Look it up.

Second, go on the offense. Attack the bad guys with the big guns. A few of our favorites:

Colloidal Silver: read about it here. We use it as needed. Because I like the smurfs, but I don't want to be blue.


Oregano Oil: This stuff is powerful. As in, don't overdo it or take it too long. Dr. Fox has this at her office too. And Biocidin. Just go ask them what you need. They'll hook you up.

L-Lysine If you get cold sores every time you get sick, start taking this now. Thank me later.

For "Fever and Ague" as Laura would say...

Belladonna: this isn’t the name of a ballerina, it’s a homeopathic remedy. Just to clarify, homeopathy isn’t essential oils. Not. The. Same. Thing. The Queen of England has her own homeopath, and by the looks of her, she’s not giving up that throne anytime soon. Before you say this is all just new age nonsense, homeopathy was what all doctors practiced before the pharmaceuticals came on the scene. Technically, that makes antibiotics "New Age".

Oscilococillum: also, Homeopathic. This one you can get at Walgreens. Best to use it at the first signs of flu…or as soon as someone in the house gets sick.

Edited to add these remedies, recommended by April Bowen, the homeopath who gave her time at the #heehawforhealth2019 event on our farm.

Homeopathy flu remedies


Thieves, essential oil blend. Or, if you’re cheap and energetic, as opposed to sick and tired, you can make your own blend. Google it. Or message me and I'll hook you up with my favorite Young Living friends.

Peppermint Essential Oil mixed with Coconut Oil: make sure you dilute this! I've had it bring down fevers faster than ibuprofen can kick in. And it helps with naseua. Bonus.

Rice bags. All the rice bags. And the only time I wish we had a microwave in the house is when we need to heat up a rice bag. Pop one in the freezer and use it to bring down a fever instead of a cold washcloth.

Broth. A good, homemade bone broth is great to have on hand when sickness strikes. Here's a recipe if you spaced out when Grandma showed you how.

Disclaimer, we also use Ibuprofen to bring down high fevers. A fever is actually a good thing, it’s the body fighting infection, but can be dangerous if it gets too high. 

Comment with your favorite sickness remedies!




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  • Jennifer

    We looove all these things too! We take Olive Leaf as a preventative. Missionaries told us about Olive leaf many years ago before our first trip to China!

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