Donkey Milk and a little Boy's Coin Collection

Sometimes God speaks through an 11 year old boy in California, collecting pennies for a Donkey Dairy in Oklahoma...
I got these messages from 3 different moms within 24 hours time. 
My first reaction was, obviously, "That's AMAZING!!!"
My second reaction was...."Oh...crud."
Because we have a few thousand dollars worth of Italian donkey milk in our inventory. Milk that we had ordered before we worked out the details of bringing in organic donkey milk from the Azores.
'Hi Saundra!
Amazing news over here — today, my son woke up and it seems that the long flare he’s been in has ended. 🤷🏻‍♀️
He had several different tics— both motor & verbal, and he’s had none of them this morning!
He had been walking around in a “fog”, and today his eyes are clear, he’s present and laughing and playing with his brothers like his old self!
We had ordered 2 packages of the Italian milk and since it hasn’t come in yet, we got one package of the Azores milk in the mean time and then you’d shipped the Italian milk.
We really hadn’t seen any changes with the Italian milk, but I was going to continue anyway because I’ll do anything. :) But now I’m wondering if for some reason he’s responding better to the Azores milk.....
I don’t know if different kiddos respond differently to different milk or what, but he is doing SO well that I just want to keep doing exactly what we’re doing so as not to mess it up. 🤣....
How far in advance do we need to order the Azores milk? 
Again, thank you for all you do!"
---Grateful Mom fighting PANDAS
"So, the last two days I’ve been giving (our son with autism) 4oz. milk in the am and pm and he’s handling it fine. Today he’s been making more eye contact and has been speaking in very small, but complete sentences!!!! I’m doing 1 TB of the Portuguese milk and 2TB of the Italian until I use up the Italian then I will use the Portuguese milk alone.... He loves the taste of the Portuguese milk!"
---Momma Bear with child fighting Autism
"He upped his dose a little from your (raw) milk dose with the Azores milk. He's been on it a week and had 0 seizures as of last night. Other than HATING the taste it has been working amazingly well....This will open up so much for him if we can do powdered!"
(Her son had been having 20-30 autoimmune induced seizures per day. He started drinking our raw milk months ago, and was having zero-one, twice a week. They tried the freeze dried milk from Italy and his seizures went back up...then they tried the milk from the Azores...and this...)
---Momma Warrior fighting PANDAS / Seizures
Asinus Atlanticus Donkey Milk Azores Freeze Dried
So, what to do?
The business part of my brain knows that it would be foolish to share this information until we've sold the Italian milk. After all, parents were reporting good results with that milk as well...rationalizing this would be easy. No one needs to know.
The problem is, my momma bear heart is foolish to the core. I've seen the devastation of this disease, and I couldn't live with myself, or face answering to God, if I didn't let parents know.
Did I mention that my only "B" in college (the "B" that ruined my 4.0....but I’m not bitter) was in Business Class?
The business part of my brain is very, very small.
The momma part of's 99% of my makeup. Then the rest is dark chocolate...and business brain.
But this...this one hurt. While it may not sound like a big was another blow after a series of blows that have buffeted our farm over the last few months. And we aren't sure how many more we can take without capsizing this ship.
But then I got a card in the mail, from a family in California, whose 11 year old son had collected $138 in coins for "those in need." He struggles with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and they have a little homestead, and a donkey who acts as his "therapy donkey" and friend. 
"When we read about the important work your family is doing, it immediately spoke to us. While we don't have too much to give, we are giving from the heart and with the hope and prayer that these children can continue to be helped. We understand and appreciate the struggle of having a special needs child and paying out of pocket for natural therapies that actually work and the hours driving to find and see the practitioners and doctors. We hope this gesture encourages you and others to not give up! May God help you in your work and we look forward, God willing, to someday meeting you and the donkeys whenever we make it to Oklahoma."
--California Family who gets it
Sometimes God speaks through an 11 year old in California, collecting pennies for a Donkey Dairy in Oklahoma.
My problem is, I've been thinking, "What we need is a millionaire who gets it...who will help us help more kids."
But maybe what we needed was an 11 year old and his donkey, collecting pennies to help more kids like him.
..."Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.
Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything--all she had to live on." (Mark 12:41-44)
Thank you, to the little boy who reminded me when I needed reminding. We don't need a millionaire. We need a child who believes in us. And the faith to keep going when it doesn't make sense. Or....cents. ;) 
PS. We have the donkey milk available here.
Azores Island Donkeys

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