“Dedicated to you, a free citizen in a free land.”

Today my children and I attempted to visit the Oklahoma History Museum. Judging from the parking lot, we were the only ones there that weren’t employees of the museum…but, I was certain there was something worth learning inside.

Oklahoma History Museum

Unfortunately, the sign on the door said we couldn’t enter without a mask.

Being the flexible, homeschool types, we walked around outside to learn what we could from the monuments.

The first one we came to was a replica of the Liberty Bell.

As they teacher on duty, I read the words on the plaque to my girls. “Dedicated to you, a free citizen in a free land.”

Liberty Bell

Freedom Ring
I stopped. Turned around, and went back in the museum. This time I was sure there was some mistake.

We marched, the three of us, to the girl behind the plexiglass barrier.

“I know the sign says masks are required to enter, and we were going to just leave, but then I read the sign on the liberty bell, about being free citizens in a free land, and I wanted to ask if you’re serious and we really can’t come in unless we wear a mask.”

“Masks are required to enter the museum.” Bug-eyed. Like she might lose her job if she said anything other than the approved line. Frightened. Not of us...no, too much plexiglass for that...But definitely afraid.

We stopped at the clearance books on the way out. Ahhh, here’s a nice copy of Abraham Lincoln’s biography, and one called “American Endurance.” No wonder they’re on clearance. Not politically correct. They really should just burn these. Someone might actually buy them and read them. We wouldn’t want that.

Abraham Lincoln

We walked back outside.

The next monument was of a young man with a shovel from the Conservation Corps. Poor schmuck. He actually had to work to get paid. During the last great depression, they weren’t wise enough to give out stimulus money for nothing, no, back then they called it “doles” or “handouts” and they were cruel enough to make the poor men do back breaking, hard labor for their money. Some fellow named Harry Hopkins was quoted on the sign, “Give a man a dole (handout) and you save his body and destroy his spirit. Give him a job and you save both body and spirit.”

Conservation Corps

Interesting concept, but completely irrelevant to today’s complex man.

Stimulus versus Handouts

“Girls, remember when the government paid people to do nothing but sit at home while telling them they were non-essential?” That was what people really needed. Yes, suicides skyrocketed. And abuse. And alcoholism. But, never mind all that…

Maybe the next monument will be more appropriate for the times we’re living in. Obviously that Harry dude didn’t know what he was talking about. Probably one of those homeschooled, anti-social types.

“Here we go! A nice Indigenous People’s metaphorical sculpture.” Ahhh, surely this fellow will be P.C.!  Modern Art always leaves us with more questions than answers. Easily interpreted to suit the readers personal bias. This should be exactly what we need today!

“Lodge” by an Apache Artist.

Lodge by Bob

“A lodge can serve many purposes: a house, a church, a place where families can come together, or where people gather for a ceremony….according to Bob, “A lodge is a place where individuals can come together and become culturally aware of their responsibilities again.”

Gathering Place Oklahoma

Well. That’s obviously completely irrelevant! “Come together" and “awareness” and “responsibilities” are nothing but dangerous hate speech. We'll have none of that! They probably didn't even social distance! Ridiculous.

Let’s go see that big helicopter. Ahhh, this one they used in the Vietnam War. Oh, that big hole in the bottom? Not sure what that’s for…dropping things perhaps?  

Don’t touch the orange stuff, sweetheart.

Isn’t that a nice view of the Capitol from here? What’s that? Oh, that’s the place where they make the laws that keep us free.

Nice idea, totally irrelevant for the times we live in.

People today don’t know what’s good for them. Just think! We might have actually gone inside that museum without our masks on and learned more out dated nonsense about freedom and work and gathering together.

Best to keep that kind of information safe from common people like us, locked away behind glass doors.

Girls, it’s time to go home. Momma’s getting a headache.

There’s nothing pertinent to modern life for us here, dear ones.

At least we didn’t waste our money on the museum.

Let's go home to the American Mammoth Donkeys. I can tell you again about how George Washington was the founder of the breed.

That's a good one.
Nice and safe.

Just don't bring up Donkey Milk or what it can do.

That might get momma arrested. Or suicided.

Best just keep quiet. Billions of dollars on the line for the vax, you know.

Immune health? Pshaw.

That’s history.

Donkey milk for health


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    America needs more people like you, real people . Thank you

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