Checklist to know if Dulce donkey milk soap is for you

Got haters?

We all do. That person that decides they need to judge you, your products, your kids, your life.

Offended by a blend of faith, sarcastic wit, hot snot and cute donkeys?

Go ahead and stop reading now.

It's ok. Really.

I'm the first to admit, I'm not for everyone. And that's ok. (Sadly, not everyone can have a brilliant sense of humor.)

Our Dulce Donkey Milk soap isn't for everyone either. (Thank goodness, or we'd be taking pre-orders for 2050.)

In order to save us all some time and make sure our soap only goes to the folks that really need it and love it...

Here is the ultimate checklist to know if our Dulce soap is NOT for you:

If you like glitter and hot pink fake color in your skincare, our soap isn't for you.

If you like artificial fragrances and hormone altering chemicals, our soap isn't for you.

If you like "homemade" craft fair soap that's really a melt and pour kit from a big box craft store, made of questionable ingredients, microwaved until any perceptible benefit was nuked to oblivion, I definitely do not have soap for you.

If you like mass produced, made in China, gets here tomorrow on the Amazon truck, liquid detergent in a bottle called "soap", I'm so sorry, I don't have soap for you either.

If you're crying right now in misery because you answered yes to all of the above, you can scroll to the bottom of this email for our YouTube with cute donkeys, puppies, and funny stories to make you forget your eczema, acne, and chapped, rashed out skin for a minute.

And if you chuckled at this list?

I have a Donkey Milk Soap for YOU!!

Get Dulce Donkey Milk Soap

A few reviews of our Oat & Honey Soap...

Amazing!! -Jessica on Sept. 10, 2023

"This soap not only feels incredible, just after using a few times my eczema is clearing up and just over all soothed. I really hope and pray there will be more to buy!! It’s a life changer"


My favorite !!! -A on Feb 26, 2022

"The colloidal oats and honey is my favorite soap and The unscented coming in as second favorite. The Ingredients are sooo calming on my skin. I use it with a Salux cloth for deeper exfoliation and my chest acne has also started to fade. 10/10 recommend."


Super moisturizing -Robin on Mar 19, 2022

"I was pleasantly please the first time I used the oat, honey & donkey's milk soap. My hands are sooo dry just using this once I can tell the difference. Looking for more. Worth the money!"

Hate paying for shipping? Orders over $75 ship FREE with coupon code SHIPFREE.

Please remember, orders ship all together when everything is ready. Because, we're not Amazon. And we actually milk our donkeys and make everything. By hand. There's a reason no one does this. It's HARD. But this? Small batch, handcrafted, legit ingredients, and cruelty free?

This makes something awesome enough that our people are willing to wait months for it.

Because you're our people.

Thank you.


And if you're sick of all the fake, fake soap, fake lives, fake filters...we do our best to share the real deal. But don't follow us, Follow Christ. He's the For Real Deal.

Real Reels @Oklahoma Donkey Dairy

God bless you all!
The Traywick Family

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