Raffle Ticket for Norwex Goodie basket (Donated by Betony Simmonds) approx Value: $200

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This Norwex gift basket is donated by Betony Simmonds, the proceeds from the raffle tickets will be doubled by an anonymous donor who is matching funds (up to $5,000) for the #HeeHawforHealth event for families affected by childhood illness. Click here for more info, or to donate directly / sponsor a child for the #HeeHawforHealth.

We are only making 100 tickets available, so your chances to win are...ummm, do the math. Really good.

The drawing will be Tuesday, May 28th, and we will announce the winner on our @dulcededonke facebook and instagram pages. (Hint: follow us!)

If you're the pessimistic type that won't buy a ticket because you "never win anything" you'll want to just go ahead and order your Norwex goodies from Betony at betonysimmonds@gmail.com or call her at (405)473-4063. Or, take your chances on the basket for a good cause. ;)

Gift basket description:

Make Your Home a Safe Haven with almost $200 worth of Norwex!

    • Household Package ($54.99): Our top three Norwex Microfiber must-haves! Together they clean anything and remove 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water when following proper care and use instructions. No harmful chemicals or wasteful paper towels needed!
    • The EnviroCloth®* and Window Cloth* handle most of your cleaning projects using Norwex Microfiber and water only.
    • The multipurpose EnviroCloth can be used wet or dry to clean everything. 
    • Use the Window Cloth to get windows, mirrors, shower doors, glass tables, crystal, granite, jewelry, brushed and stainless steel, chrome, knickknacks and so much more sparkling clean!
    • The Dusting Mitt’s electrostatic action attracts and holds dust and dirt like magic! Quickly clean window blinds, picture frames and more with just a swipe.
    • Laundry Detergent ($24.99): This highly concentrated, superior stain-fighting powder contains biodegradable surfactants and is free from phosphates and fillers. Designed for both high-efficiency (HE) and conventional washing machines, this formula whitens whites, brightens brights and dissolves grease and grime. Safe on all fabrics, including hand-washables and Norwex Microfiber. Works in all water temperatures. Washes up to 100 loads in a high-efficiency machine, 66 in a conventional machine.
    • Kitchen Cloth and Towel Set- graphite ($28.99): Ditch the paper towels and let our Kitchen Cloths and Towels help you effectively dry your cups, dishes and silverware; wipe and clean your sink and dirty countertops, and so much more. These extra-absorbent microfiber cloths and towels will help you grab, trap and eliminate kitchen messes using only water. Works great on all types of hard surfaces, including stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, wood, tile and china. Contains our powerful BacLock®* antibacterial agent. 
    • Kids Pet To Dry - Grey kitten ($19.99): Your kids will love the cute animal motifs and the cuddly softness of these chenille microfiber hand towels, made just for them. You’ll love the antibacterial properties of our exclusive BacLock®* self- purifying agent within the cloth. The convenient hanger makes it easy to hang anywhere, and it’s great for when you’re on the go!
    • Stainless Steel Drinking Straws ($16.99): More than 500 million plastic straws are used every day, many of which end up in our landfills or oceans. Plastic straws are one of the top 10 debris items ingested by sea life. Our Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are an intelligent, Earth-friendly, long-lasting alternative to plastic or paper disposable straws. Set of four straws.
    • Silicone Bakeware Lid - Square lid ($15.99): Say goodbye to the Plastic Wrap Problem! Plastic and foil food wraps can be a struggle to use, they can leach harmful chemicals into your food, and they end up in the landfills. Instead, use our colorful lids to create a tight seal on any smooth-rimmed bowl, casserole, cup or glass to keep food and liquids fresh when storing. The heat-resistant, food-safe silicone also allows for quick cooking, steaming and reheating in the oven or microwave.  Great for parties and picnics, too.
    • Dish Cloth ($8.99): This loosely-woven, netted Dish Cloth can be used anywhere scrubbing action is needed. Great for everyday use, this non-absorbent cloth will do some heavy-duty cleaning anywhere scrubbing action without a lot of water is required. It’s great for removing flour, dough and other sticky substances from countertops after baking.
    • Durable and reusable! Reusable Grocery Bag with BacLock®, Green - Dark Green ($6.99): This reusable carry-all bag is the right size for a trip to the grocery store and strong enough to hold all your fruits, vegetables and other food staples. Made with food- grade fabric and our BacLock* lining. Get more than one so you’ll be able to carry all your purchases home the Earth-friendly way.
    • Micro Cleaning Hand Pads ($6.49): Great for tough cleaning jobs, these disposable pads remove stains such as crayon, scuff marks, soap scum, ground-in dirt and much more. Pack of 2
Raffle Ticket for Norwex Goodie basket (Donated by Betony Simmonds) approx Value: $200
Raffle Ticket for Norwex Goodie basket (Donated by Betony Simmonds) approx Value: $200