Donkey Milk Testimonials


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August 24, 2018 at 2:54 pm (This was a comment a parent left in response to a hateful article published about us.) “I will admit that I laughed the first time I heard of Donkey Milk… what? Donkey milk? I’m going to assume the author of this article has never had a loved one with a disease to which cures were unknown. We do. When you have a child with an illness that is so painful to watch and the dysfunction it creates for your entire family everyday, you are willing to try almost anything others have seen benefits from. We were fortunate enough to meet the Traywicks last week and picked up our first few pints of donkey milk to give to our daughter. Our daughter has PANDAS as well. She has been on multiple antibiotics, natural supplements, gluten free diet, among other things like therapy, etc. Even with all of these treatments, she has not gone more than 2-3 days at a time without saying she wanted to die and banging her head on walls and doors and other disturbing things I choose not to mention. I can’t tell you the emotional toll this takes on our family every minute of every day… Our daughter has now had a small amount of donkey milk for the past 6 days, and she has been happy without feeling like she wants to die… We haven’t seen her this happy in well over 6 months. I can’t explain how emotional it is to see this type of change in our daughter’s demeanor, truly amazing.” -B. August 25, 2018


"My son has been drinking camel milk since november last year and we saw a lot of gains. We switched to donkey milk 3 weeks ago. For the last couple of day’s I see him change into a different child. It is so sureal to see how quickly he is developing. I enjoy every single minute we spend together (that has been different in the past.) Tomorrow we will be going camping at a yoga festival in Belgium. A few weeks ago this would have been unimaginable. He is 8 (ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder) and has dyspraxia too. I feel, now his behavior is better, we can start working on his motor skills. This was difficult in the past because he would get stressed if things didn’t happen fast enough or the way he wanted. I can’t believe what’s happening. We also do the reduced free glutamate diet which is helping him a lot too.” A few months later she shared this with me… “Because of financial reasons I had to go back to camel milk for about 4 months (it is cheaper). In that period my son got ill, not sure if it was strep but very possibly yes. He wasn’t able to get rid of his congestion in his sinuses and lungs. After 2 months of being sick I put him back on donkey milk and after 2 days his nose started to produce a lot of green and yellow mucus, and everything seemed to come out. Also, when he was coughing a lot of green and yellow stuff came out. He has been back to normal ever since he started drinking donkey milk. I already was a believer but seeing this makes me even more believe in the healing power of this milk.” August 2015, from a Mom in the Netherlands, with her permission to share:


"It's crazy but, I think the donkey milk is already making a difference! I am amazed!!! (4 hours after drinking 1/4 cup) I wasn't for sure if I was remembering things correctly at first but, when we walked into our house, (C) immediately went to check on her bearded dragon. He had a little bit of poop smeared on him so she ran and got his little bath container and filled it with warm water. She then went to get him out of his terrarium and put him into his bath to wash him off. I thought for sure that had never happened before because (my husband) always has to do that job. Anytime that happens, it makes (C) feel like she will throw up so she always runs from the room her bearded dragon is in until he has him and his cage cleaned. I double checked with (my husband) to make sure I was remembering this correctly and he said she had never been able to do that before. That is a HUGE change. I can't wait to see what other healing the Lord brings her through this milk. A huge thank you for the soap too. God is already using you all in mighty ways. Hugs" T. M. TX


"I have so much to share with you!! I feel like I have gotten my daughter back these last 2 days! 2 perfect school days! I forgot to give (DD) the donkey milk on Sunday morning before we left for a family reunion in Texas. (Plus she was recently introduced.)She had a flair of a day! Gave it to her when we got home and before bed. Perfect next 2 days! We decided to take her off the antibiotics last night since your daughter did better without them. Plus who wants there child on antibiotics! (In the past a flair would last 3 days on antibiotics). God is soo good! I still need to write the thank you letter for the donors!! Thanks for ALL you do. —-V- OK


Stories from parents on other autoimmune diseases. "We noticed such a huge difference in (B's) asthma right away. I was so thankful that it worked so quickly. It worked better for her than the inhaler, and the nebulizer do.” Asthma Momma in Oklahoma 2016


“So I think we are seeing a decrease in my older son’s non epileptic seizures from lyme on the milk. I noticed right away for a day or two that they decreased then they he went back to normal 10-20 a day. I upped his dose on Sunday and today none so far (M. August 27, 2018, one week or less on Milk.)


I have a mom friend who’s 11 year old daughter has an autoimmune disease that attacks her kidneys. And they test her urine every day of her life to see if her immune system is overreacting and attacking her kidneys. If it is, it shows up as elevated protein in her urine. Her daughter had been doing fine, so they had lowered her doses of medication. Then she got the flu. Her protein levels were elevated and she was worried and considering getting her back on a higher dose of medication. I asked her if she would give donkey milk a try. She did. Within a day her daughter’s levels were back down to trace and then negative. She ran out of milk and they went back up. I gave her more, she drank the milk and they went back down to negative and this time they stayed there. The only thing she changed was adding the donkey milk.


This gentleman emailed me his account: “I was born in a very small town/village that is about 10 miles from the Greek and Macedonian Border and about 40 miles from the Bulgarian border where the 3 countries meet on the north border of Greece. The name of the town that I was born in is called “Vevi”, Greece. In Macedonian, it’s called “Bonitsa”. I have been back there a few times and still have relatives back there. That year of 1950 which is when I was born in….it was only myself and one other baby…. which was a girl survived the illness that was ravaging our town/village. This other baby survived because according to my mother, that baby was also given donkey milk. That year there were 23 children that were born in this small village. There was a unknown disease that swept through the small village and 21 of the 23 children died within the first year that we were all born. I and one other person that also was fed donkey milk were the only 2 survivors of the newborns. Apparently, the local town doctor did not know of what the illness or disease was that was affecting all of the newborns. We were very poor and when my mom would ask the Doctor to look at me, he just told her that there was nothing that could be done for me and to just comfort me as much as possible and just wait until I passed away in peace and comfort….like all of the other young babies/children had done. One day, a very elderly woman in her 90’s saw my mom crying and asked her of what was wrong. My mother told her about my situation and that the Doctor was unable to help and to give up trying to save me. The elderly woman which must have been born around 1855 to 1860 told my mom what she needed to do was to feed me donkey milk everyday and give me lots of fresh air and told her that I will without a doubt survive. Desperate for anything that might help or hope for, my mother did exactly that and my mom would take me up to a tall and steep hillside of where there was a constant fresh breeze blowing and would feed me the donkey milk about 2 to 3 times a day….even in the winter. I have been on that hill as an adult since I have returned back there a few times. My mother saw another lady in the same town that had a similar problem with her baby as well and shared what she was told by the elderly woman about the benefits of feeding me donkey milk. That other person did the very same thing and it was her daughter that also survived along with me. Only two of us lived through the disease or whatever was affecting all of the children. My mother passed away 2 years ago at the age of 88 and when I took her back to the home country when she was 86, we sat together on that hill and she repeated all of the stories to me again. It was only through my mother’s perseverance and love that I survived and am here to share this story. And of course, because of the incredible benefits of that donkey milk. I am interested in getting back to having Donkey Milk as a part of my Daily Diet again. Many Blessings, Peace & Comfort to you and everyone in your family. James K from Greece Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2015