Hee Haw Collection

All of the profits from the Hee Haw Collection go toward funding the first annual Hee Haw for Health event at the Donkey Dairy. 

This event will be FREE for all families with children affected by these and other childhood diseases or disabilities, as well as any volunteers and their families. Since many of these children are immune compromised, we will not be allowing the general public to attend, unless they have volunteered to help or donated to help make this a reality. (We’re not above bribery for a good cause.)

We hope this will be a way to bring awareness to PANDAS, ASD, and other health issues in a positive, hope filled environment.

We are inviting medical students, as well as those currently practicing medicine, to attend this event, learn from the presentations, and meet some of the families affected by these diseases. Our second goal is to introduce those practicing traditional Western medicine to some of the best in Eastern medicine, and create a bridge of mutual understanding between the two. We are inviting an herbalist, acupuncturist, homeopath, kinesiologist, osteopath, chiropractor, dietician, etc. to volunteer their time and donate their day to these children in a stress free environment on the farm.

Select practitioners will have a private space in our woods to see children throughout the day, and some will have a table in a shared space. Although we realize that no one has done an event like this before, and there are a myriad of logistics to overcome (as well as some pretty serious budget constraints!) the more families we meet through this journey, the more it becomes apparent that most of them cannot afford even the initial consultation with many of the practitioners they desperately need to see. Many alternative practitioners charge $1,000 for an initial consultation. Statistically, most families spend an average of $100,000 just getting proper treatment. Worse, insurance doesn't cover the alternative treatments that are showing results for our children.

It is our hope that this event will be a day to fill in that gap and show families that there are practitioners that care more about seeing children heal than their bottom line.

Oh, and get to love on some baby donkeys. And take a ride on a Mammoth donkey. And build-your-own stick donkey. And eat some amazing healthy food. And make some new friends who get it.

When we dreamed up this event, the theme was "everything is FREE!" We didn't want to have vendors selling stuff to pay for the event. We didn't want to have practitioners selling their wares. We just wanted this to be a day to give back to the families of children with challenges. Unfortunately, putting this thing together hasn't been exactly free. If you'd like to help us foot the bill, now's your chance! 

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