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We've missed you all!!! We're soooo excited to join the Free Speech platform can follow us @OklahomaDonkeyDairy on the new platform you can download at 

One thing I've been struggling with is how much I can actually share on my blog here on my website. There is SO much I want to share with you all, the problem is, our shop web host has a reputation of censoring people For saying things like we would...if we could...

This week I sent an email to our customers asking them for their testimonials, because, I miss hearing everyone's keeps us going when things are hard and we're tempted to give up this donkey milking gig and go get a real, paying job, doing something cleaning out the elephant pens at the zoo.

The responses we got were absolutely amazing. Go here to read a few (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page for testimonials.)

And then, for no apparent shops ALL went down. Everything crashed. And I panicked that they had closed us down....because of the amazing testimonials.

After all...a natural alternative know...pharma-stuff... isn't exactly popular these days.

So, we desperately needed a place where we can share what we're seeing, and share what we know, and share what's happening at the farm....without fear of our websites being shut down as a result of speaking truth.

That place, frankly speaking, is Frank Speech.

(And no, we won't do bitchute...because there's some nasty stuff there, and I won't be a part of it.)

We're using @OklahomaDonkeyDairy to distance our shop from Dulce de Donke so we can tell it like it is.

We'll share all the new baby donkey videos.

And all the crazy farm happenings. (Well, some of them anyway....too much crazy is...too much crazy.)

Like today, when one of the babies opened the gate and let all the rest of them out.

And the other day, when Little Bug announced the birth of Wendy's baby....loudly. For everyone within a ten mile radius.

And the time when Caspian the cat figured out how to open the door and let all the rest of the critters in the house. 

Along with my rants about Humanure. And 5....geee......and....that jab....and autoimmune....and stuff.

Also, I absolutely love that they won't allow anyone to use God's name in vain, or swear. And my girls can take over my videos and I don't have to worry about what they'll stumble on there.

I love that.

So, go find us and follow us there....



Tomorrow. Friday. 4/16/2021

Let Freedom Ring and Donkeys Sing!

Or something like that.

Oh yeah, and, in other new, I've been approved to be a contributing writer for Natural News! I'll share more about that later. Probably on our Frank Speech channel.



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